Sofas/Love Seats/ Armchairs

Elegant seating for a welcoming interior.

There’s no element of a comfortable living area more important than seating.  Seating that satisfies both form and function creates an interior that pleases the eye, while creating a sense of welcome and luxurious ease.

Sofas, loveseats and armchairs should always be carefully selected for harmony of design, while optimizing the need for comfort.  Crafting interiors which welcome and nurture those who experience them is the fine art of signalling hospitality, honoring relaxation and creating the right atmosphere for every use you have in mind for the living space.

Tufted or sleek?

At Michelangelo Designs, our collection of sofas, loveseats and armchairs is a universe all on its own.  From the tufted glory of finely-realized renditions of classic sofas and armchairs, to the sleek luxury of stylish, modern loveseats, our selection of seating options has been curated with diversity in mind.

With a dozen of Italy’s most highly-respected and admired design houses gathered in our showroom and warehouse, we bring you the full sweep of Italian design ingenuity, elegance and craftsmanship.  From the ornate to the minimalist, our collection will leave you breathless.

A cure for the common, since 1985.

As the first and only exclusively Italian Design Center in the USA, Michelangelo connects Trade professionals with the very best Italian furniture available on these shores.  You’ll be spoiled for choice, with the diversity of styles and models on display.

But at Michelangelo, we go further.  We cure the common with 1,000 textile offerings and exclusive wood and leather selections.  We’ve been bringing Italian sophistication to the USA’s professionals in the Trade since 1985, setting creativity free with limitless potential.

Discerning clients of retailers, interior designers, real estate developers and architects will delight in the uniqueness of what you can create, with Michelangelo’s vast selection at your disposal.

From the opulence of the Florindo sofa, to the elegant simplicity of the Arca armchair, the full depth and breadth of Italian furniture is here for you to explore and deploy, creating magnificent living areas that welcome, inspire and pamper.

Inspiration abounds.

From the lobby of a five-diamond hotel to the environs of an urban manse, Michelangelo has what you’re looking for.  Endless possibilities are yours, with customization to dazzle even the most design-conscious client.

Sofas, loveseats and armchairs which fire the imagination can be found here, where creativity takes wing.   You’re set free to design from the heart, with a level of flexibility you won’t find elsewhere.

We invite Trade professionals to book an appointment.  Experience the endless diversity available at Michelangelo Designs, bringing exclusively Italian furniture, exclusively to the Trade.

The cure for the common awaits design creativity, with sofas, loveseats and armchairs which inspire elegantly welcoming interiors.

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