Living Room

The art of living, at Michelangelo.

There’s no question that living is an art.  Our physical surroundings have a lot to do with that.  They express who we are and what we value.

The living room is where we relax, gather with friends and family and enjoy reflective time.  Of all the rooms in our homes, this is one of the most public and the one where we set the stylistic tone.

Our sensibilities are on display here and every person who enjoys the living room with us is treated to a window into our personal lifestyle.  What we express about ourselves with the living room is what those who experience it take with them and connect with, while they’re enjoying it with us.

Form and function are key to a successfully designed living room.  Comfort must be matched with style in equal measure, because it’s here that the art of living is most richly expressed.

Artful living rooms.

An artfully designed living room invites those who enter it to share the balance of form and function that’s been created.  It invites communication, laughter and shared moments.  Whether reclining in tranquility with your favorite book, or spending the evening with friends, it’s your home’s hub and your most potent statement of personal taste.

The cure for the common.

At Michelangelo Designs, we’ve gathered Italy’s most prestigious furniture designers under one roof, at the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA.  From finely-realized reproductions evoking the epochs of Italian design, to the chic simplicity of contemporary expressions, we bring Trade professionals the best of Italian furniture design.

Since 1985, retailers, real estate developers, architects and interior designers have come to Michelangelo to draw on the vast selection and extraordinary quality of the most sought after craftmanship in the world.   The living spaces they’re able to create with Michelangelo’s limitless possibilities are singularly and timelessly sophisticated.

Michelangelo Designs is dedicated to inspiring creativity in Trade professionals, with over 1,000 textiles, leathers and lustrous woods.  Customization creates unique pieces prized by the discerning clientele of professionals in the Trade.

Under one roof, opportunities abound.  Michelangelo’s cure for the common resides in the outstanding selection of premier Italian furniture lines, accompanied by endless potential, limited only by the imagination.

Uncommonly elegant.

An elegant living room can begin with a single idea that’s built on with the diversity of superbly crafted furniture at Michelangelo Designs.  That idea may be a classical reproduction of a tufted couch, elegantly upholstered.  It may be a single, gilded armchair, or a hyper-modern coffee table.  Regardless of the idea uncommonly elegant living rooms grow from, they find their full flowering at Michelangelo.

Trade professionals are invited to contact us to schedule an appointment and find the cure for the common at Michelangelo.

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