Chairs for all interiors – your vision meets endless possibilities, at Michelangelo Designs.

Form and function wedded in perfect, balanced bliss is the goal of every interior space.  When balance arrives, the effect is stunning.

The chair is an item of singular functionality.  But at Michelangelo, the chair becomes an object of desire.  For more than sitting on, chairs are for admiring, integrated into a design vision which brings the comfort of gracious living to the beauty of an elegantly curated interior.

With the most prestigious design houses of Italy gathered in our showroom and warehouse, Michelangelo has been bringing excellence to professionals in the Trade for more than 3 decades.  Retailers, real estate developers, interior designers and architects will find the answers to their creative questions here.

From the quirky sophistication of Carpanelli and Carpanelli Contemporary, to the exquisite craftsmanship of Fratelli Bianchini, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Classical silhouettes meet streamlined cool, with chairs from Italy’s leading designers that will leave you breathless.

You may need to sit down when you see our selection!

Design excellence that cures the common.

From office chairs to renaissance reproductions, to modern treatments of Belle Epoque shapes, the diversity of design to be had at Michelangelo is endless.

With over 1,000 textiles choices and a range of the most lustrous woods available, we can create a cure for the common that goes beyond what’s on the floor.  Your clients will be delighted with the singularity of your vision when it comes out to play at Michelangelo Designs.

Professionals in the Trade will discover quality and luxury beyond their expectations.  With Michelangelo, your creativity is set free to soar, with endless potential for uniquely-realized pieces your customers will adore and design excellence that rises above.

There is no corner of any interior that can’t be graced with timeless style when you come to Michelangelo Designs.  In one location, we gather the very best Italy offers – for the salon, the boudoir, the office, the kitchen and dining rooms – all you need to create expressively designed spaces is here for you to explore and share.

Design excellence begins with diversity of vision and that’s why Michelangelo is here for professionals in the Trade.

Michelangelo – where Trade professionals excel.

Trade professionals are invited to call to book an appointment.   Experience Michelangelo Designs’ exceptional selection and quality and the riches of Italian furniture design at the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States of America. This is where Trade professionals excel.

Whether your vision marries the intricacy of Renaissance design with a modern space or adds the elegance of Art Nouveau to an interior evocative of rustic charm, you’ll find chairs that wordlessly tell your story at Michelangelo.

Form and function meet in balanced blissed at our facility, providing Trade professionals with the ultimate creative experience.

Come discover the fusion of form and function at Michelangelo Designs.  The interiors of New Jersey await design vision which elevates them, curing the common and bringing the riches of Italy home to the USA.

Your vision meets endless possibilities, at Michelangelo.