The age of elegance lives on with fine boiserie from Michelangelo Designs.

A time of great social turmoil, the reign of French King Louis XVI was also a time of extraordinary royal grandeur.  With his consort, Marie Antoinette, the pair epitomized the 18th Century’s love of all that was sculpted, gilded and exquisitely crafted.

Despite the passage of time, the age of elegances lives on today, with Michelangelo’s collection of expertly realized boiserie.  From reproductions harkening back to Louis XVI to more contemporary renditions, expertly milled and carved woodwork is something which brings extraordinary quality to interior spaces.

From sleek to extravagant, quality boiserie transforms spaces with the luxury of workmanship found only at our expansive showroom and warehouse.

Curing the common.

Michelangelo has been curing the common since 1985, offering professionals in the Trade the very finest in Italian luxury furniture.  Our boiserie collection is part of that.  Available in a range of finishes, the transformative power of wood adds Old World refinement to professionally designed interiors that cure the common.

Whether the interiors our partners in the Trade are creating are rooted in the 18th Century or the 21st, they’ll find the highest quality boiserie available at Michelangelo.  With a selection of fine woods and finishes, they’ll be set free to grace the interiors of discerning clientele with outstanding craftsmanship and quality.

Experience high end luxury.

The grace of boiserie can’t be underestimated.  It speaks of taste, a love of beauty and a dedication to quality like nothing else.  For architects, retailers, developers and interior designers, our range of boiserie finishes interiors with a note of splendour only finely-crafted, artisan wood can.

The grandeur of the Louis XVI epoch is married to the unique character of a professionally curated interior space, whether sleekly contemporary or based on a vision of elegant times past.  Boiserie’s ageless beauty is for every space, bringing it something that reaches beyond the ordinary.

A world of possibilities.

Trade professionals who come to Michelangelo will find a world of possibilities.  At our warehouse and showroom, we bring you the most prestigious furniture brands of Italy.  Each renowned.  Each superlative.  Each superbly realized.

Select from over 1,000 textiles and a range of the finest woods.  For every project, Trade professionals will find exactly what they need to elevate their design visions and amaze their clients.

Over a dozen of Italy’s top designers and manufacturers are found here, meaning that professionals in the Trade will discover quality and luxury beyond their expectations.  With Michelangelo, your reach is free to extend your grasp, with limitless potential for innovation and design excellence.

Michelangelo – inspiration awaits.

We invite Trade professionals to call us for an appointment.   Experience Michelangelo Designs’ exceptional selection and quality.

Whether your vision marries the intricate styling of the Renaissance with a contemporary interior or adds sleek art nouveau to an interior evocative of rustic charm, you’ll find the boiserie that tells your story at Michelangelo.

Come find the age of elegance alive and well at Michelangelo Designs, with exquisitely crafted boiserie that brings luxury to your design vision.

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