Benches – a special touch of Old World glamor.

Planning an elegant room is about details.  It’s the details that give any room an aura of sophistication that transcends the space itself, providing balance to the whole.  The effect is that the room appears to have evolved organically.

With comfort and beauty working in harmony, any room can be a showpiece with the addition of expertly applied accents like benches.  Both functional and appealing to the eye, a strategically placed bench adds another dimension of luxury that sets any interior apart as one which has been professionally planned.

Serving the Trade since 1985, Michelangelo Designs carries a range of benches from Italy’s finest furniture artisans and craftsmen.  From the sublime, detailed splendour of Angelo Cappellini to the relative simplicity of our Alma bench, you’ll find the perfect piece to provide a finishing touch to your interior at our expansive showroom.

From the walk-in closet of the master bedroom to the parlor or grand entrance, a gorgeously realized bench can be the difference between the mundane and the splendid.  At Michelangelo, we offer professionals in the Trade selection with few limitations.

The creativity of real estate developers, retailers, interior designers and architects can come out to play at Michelangelo Design, with your vision treated to potential that’s limited only by your imagination.

A world of inspiration.

Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the outstanding quality and sublime elegance of Italian furniture to the Trade for over 30 years.  Through our international partnerships, we bring masterfully crafted furniture to the interior spaces of New Jersey.  We’re the Trade’s connection to the exceptional beauty and uncompromising craftsmanship of Italian furniture.

Michelangelo is the United States of America’s first and only Italian Design Center.  We bring Italian furniture’s legacy of artistic excellence to Trade professionals in New Jersey who come to us seeking the cure for the common that only Italian furniture can provide.  With more than a dozen of Italy’s leading design houses available to you, the perfect bench for your design project is waiting to be discovered.

At Michelangelo, you’re spoiled for choice, with the most prestigious furniture available anywhere on the continent, in one extraordinary showroom.  Our warehouse is a treasure trove of variety and luxurious elegance you’ll be astounded by.

Fratelli Bianchini and beyond.

The exceptional reproductions crafted by Bianchini can also be found in Michelangelo’s selection of elegant benches.  Evoking Italy’s epochs of superior style and taste, these faithful reproductions bring timeless sophistication to any interior they grace.

With Michelangelo’s endless selection of textiles and fine woods, any bench you choose can be customized to treat your clients to a one-of-a-kind piece.

Michelangelo – we cure the common.

We invite Trade professionals to call for an appointment.   Experience the diversity of our selection, offering your creativity the ultimate outlet.

Whether your design vision annexes the glories of the Renaissance with a contemporary interior, or incorporates art nouveau into a space evocative of rustic charm, you’ll find your finishing flourish at Michelangelo.

Come discover the cure for the common with an incredible diversity of unique, customizable benches at Michelangelo Designs.

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