Bar stools and bar furniture for your swell party, at Michelangelo Designs.

Frank Sinatra stands as an icon of sleek, street-smart style.  His lissome charm and silken voice evoke the golden age of American cinema.

One of Sinatra’s finest moments was singing “Well Did You Evah” in the classic film, High Society, with fellow golden age movie star, Bing Crosby.  The backdrop is an Old World library in a fine home.  The pair is enjoying drinks at an elegant bar.

Hold this image in mind, as you read on.

Michelangelo Designs has been bringing the matchless quality of Italian furniture to Trade professionals, since 1985.  At Michelangelo, we import Italian bar stools and bar furniture to the USA from Italy’s most prestigious design houses.

Michelangelo is the first and only Italian design center in the USA.  Our 20,000 square foot showroom and 60,000 square foot warehouse present New Jersey professionals in the trade with unparalleled selection and outstanding quality.

Our wide selection of elegant bar stools and bar furniture are at your disposal, to make the swank gatherings of Trade professionals’ clientele the very talk of the town.

From the simplicity of modern Italian design to the plush luxury of Baroque reproductions, their creativity comes to Michelangelo to play, with a selection spanning three centuries of excellence.

Bar stools and bar furniture for the swell at heart.

An inviting bar area, furnished with the best Italian design offers, is where the party begins.  With Michelangelo, your clientele’s swell parties are transformed into unforgettable ones.

Bar stools and bar furniture from Italy’s greatest furniture designers make your entertainment space the talk of the town, with guests waiting to be next in line for the designer’s stunning work (and possibly expecting Old Blue Eyes to join them at the bar).

Possibilities for Trade professionals to create sophisticated interiors are endless at Michelangelo Design Center.  Stocked with the work of Italy’s most acclaimed designers, our showroom is a creative playground.

We provide Trade pros with over 1,000 selections of fabric, including fine leather and lustrous woods.  Designers, architects and developers can grace their visions with finely customized offerings for discerning clients.

With the timeless sophistication only Italian design can offer, interiors are transformed in the diversity of Michelangelo’s citadel of selection and excellence.

Uncommon entertainment spaces.

We invite professionals in the Trade to call for an appointment to experience the enormous variety of bar stools and bar furniture to be found at Michelangelo.

Discover the cure for the common with the timeless elegance of Italian bar stools and bar furniture at Michelangelo Designs. Uncommon interiors are what we’re all about, bringing the swell at heart the most uncommon entertaining spaces.

Frank and Bing never had it so good.