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    Superior design – a quintessential element of graceful living.

    The spaces we inhabit in our daily lives influence our moods and thoughts more than we can imagine.

    To walk into a room we spend a great deal of time in is to set foot in a sanctuary of our souls and minds.

    Whether that room is at the office, studio, home, or in a fine hotel, we absorb the themes expressed, carrying them with us.

    Great design sustains us, surrounding us with aesthetic virtue which nourishes and uplifts. And so, superior design is a quintessential element of graceful living.

    For over 30 years, Michelangelo has been bringing the rich design traditions of Italian furniture to the USA. With the first and only Italian Design Center in the nation, Michelangelo’s mission is to bring Trade professionals a design resource like no other.

    Limitless creative potential.

    Our exclusively Italian collections are offered exclusively to the Trade, creating the conditions for limitless creative design potential to match every conceivable taste and commission.

    Our expansive showroom and warehouse are home to the most acclaimed Italian furniture design houses. Spanning the centuries of Italy’s internationally-admired design legacy, we bring you only the best of Italy. We add to these inestimable riches the flexibility and freedom of customization, with 1,000 selections of fine textiles, woods and leathers.

    Your creative impulse takes wing, when you explore the endless possibilities this design synergy opens the door to.

    From the boudoir to the boardroom.

    Trade professionals come to Michelangelo with a vision. Commissioned to create spaces which inspire and nurture, they seek the cure for the common we’ve become known for since 1985.

    Whether designing a sweeping mezzanine for a five-diamond hotel, or a cozy boudoir in a classic brownstone, design professionals know they’ll find what they’re looking for at Michelangelo.

    With an elite group of Italian furniture designers at one facility, we’re redefining the place of fine furniture in homes, offices and public spaces, by bringing Trade professionals superior design, represented by Italy’s most sought-after designers.

    The cure for the common room.

    Bland conformity meets its Waterloo at Michelangelo, in the form of finely-crafted pieces as diverse as boiserie for the boardroom, or that singular chaise for the library.

    Whether your vision seeks ornate wood inlay, or tufted splendor for the living room sofa, you’ll find it here.

    Michelangelo’s mission is to cure the common with design excellence, partnering with Trade professionals to bring the USA Italian furniture’s inimitable and timeless elegance.

    Ready to cure the common room? Trade professionals may contact us to schedule an appointment.