5 Designer-Approved Living Room Décor Ideas

The living room is one of the most public spaces in your home.  Here is where you receive and entertain guests and spend time with family and friends.

It’s a room which demands more than a few tired family photos and a couple of equally tired throw cushions.  The living room demands that you aspire to setting a scene which evokes a mood.  Creating that is a highly personal thing but these 5 designer-approved living room décor ideas will serve to inspire you.  Translating them into your unique style is entirely up to you.

cozy living room

1. Texture

Regardless of your style – Maximalist, Minimalist, Rustic or Mid-Century Modern – texture is an important component of any living space.

Texture is about creating depth and interest.  This can be found in organic materials.  Nubby, handwoven throws and rugs are one way to up the texture ante, but texture can also be found in art pieces (vases, sculptures) created from natural materials like stone and glass.

2. Art

There is no element of décor more potent than art on the walls.  Whether your decorating budget only extends as far as printed reproductions or if you’ve tucked away something for an original work of art, placing the right piece in the ideal position helps you create the atmosphere you’re building.

Again, personal taste dictates, but think in terms of color, form and (yes) texture.  How valuable your art will be in setting the scene you desire depends on choosing what inspires you and works with the room.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever.  It has the power to transform a room, elevating it from mundane to sublime.

Today’s wallpapers are extravagantly pigmented, featuring stunning designs from large-scale florals to tropical-inspired palm frond prints.  With wallpaper, a little goes a long way.  Choose a feature wall and wow your guests with the unexpected graphic impact of this living room décor idea.

green sofa and armchairs by Silik

4. Color

Like wallpaper, highly-saturated color has made an undeniable comeback.  Not for the timid, introducing color to your living room demands an open mind and an acknowledgement that the days of the “white box” are over.

Your existing furniture gets a facelift when you add sumptuous color to your walls, floor treatments and room accessories.  Remember – you’ll be living with your choices for a while, so deploy them intelligently.  But be bold.  It’s the order of the day.

5. Lighting

Lighting isn’t just for reading or to draw attention to the art on your walls.  It serves your ambience.  Today’s whimsical offerings run the gamut from softly-lit, formed paper to ostrich feathers mounted coyly atop a pair of golden avian legs.

And if you don’t feel like painting the walls, the right lighting can do it for you, creating distinctive effects which bring another dimension to your living room.

Michelangelo Designs

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Stylish Dining Room Colors and Combinations

Color is the name of the interior design game these days.  For too long relegated to the back burner, color has again surged to the forefront as a crucial component of home décor.

Stylish dining room colors and combinations run the gamut from super-saturated to subtle this year, but if one thing’s for sure, color’s in your immediate future if you’re design-conscious.

Let’s take a stroll through some contemporary colors and combinations.  Be inspired!

dining table Domus design

A Palette for Your Palate

Finding the right color or combination of colors for your dining room is down to personal style, mostly.  But you should also consider the affect certain colors have on you and your guests, as you dine.

Color can have a profound effect on the way you feel.  We know this and color in your dining room should factor in the effect it has on the psychology of those who’ve gathered to break bread.

For example, orange tones are known to stimulate your appetite, while red aids in digestion and supports a warm, welcoming environment.

The emotional landscape of your guests can be affected by the color or colors you choose – important to keep in mind.

The Greater Environment

Where you live will most probably inform your color choices.  If your home is in a region known for long winters with short days, your dining room might reflect that by choosing a shade that enlivens and welcomes.

Various yellows are always a good choice, especially for dining rooms which are interior spaces with no windows.  A French Provincial shade of yellow with white trim and Wedgewood blue furniture and other décor items, takes on the airiness of spring in the French countryside.

Deeper shades needn’t be oppressive, either.  Paprika is a red-brick shade which, while warm and nurturing, is spicy enough to add levity to any room.  Turquoise décor elements pair well with this color and can be brought onto the table with place settings, chargers and even glass wear.

dining room Oblique

Maximalist Themes

It’s impossible to talk about color right now without touching on the single most important design trend of recent years – Maximalism.  Where Minimalism forwarded an almost antiseptic aesthetic, Maximalism throws open the windows and lets in the fresh air of self-expression and bold strokes of color.

Maximalism is all about who you are, so choose shades which complement each other, but still provide sufficient contrast.  The trend to a lacquered finish on walls is something Maximalism wholeheartedly embraces.

Why not lacquer a feature wall in Chinese red, papering other walls with something lush and monochromatic.  Geometrics are a key feature in Maximalist interiors, so don’t be shy.  Just add feature lighting over the table and massive flower arrangements and watch your guests’ jaws drop.

The point here is that white is no longer the default.  In fact, it seems rather boring when you’ve invited over a group of friends for a great meal and scintillating conversation.

Shouldn’t your dining room be as fascinating as your guests?

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Ideas to Create a Cozy Living Room

Is there any greater pleasure than curling up with a good book in a cozy corner of your living room?  But sometimes, our desire to model style over comfort heads us off.  We become victims of our own excellent taste.

What purpose does form serve if it’s not meshed with function?  Any reader will tell you that coziness is a priority when you’ve settled in for the night with an engrossing read.  So, how do you unstiffen your surroundings to create a sense of coddling, cozy comfort?

cozy living room with fireplace

Here we share some ideas to create a cozy living room equal to your demands for stylish sophistication but not so serious about itself that it’s not nurturing.  And now that winter is coming, cozy is the goal.

Sensual and Tactile

Home is where your heart is and when the weather gets cold, it’s where you settle in on a cold night, with no intention of moving.

Because baby, it’s cold outside.

This is the time of year that sensuality and tactility take center stage.  Cozy throws across the backs of chairs and your sofa invite snuggling up.  Add artificial candles with LED lights and drink in the coziness. Heighten the sensuality by adding feather cushions in a contrasting jewel tone to add warmth.

Why Get Up?

The new look of living rooms abandons the traditional coffee table in favor of small table groupings, accessible from all seating in the room.  These are usually grouped in 2s or 3s and maybe topped by those candles we were just talking about, other décor items, or simply employed as the convenience they’re intended to be.

There’s nothing more nurturing than having a surface close by to place a hot cup of cocoa, a glass of wine, or a snack.  The sense is one of relaxed self-pampering, as you weather the cold in the cozy comfort of your own home.

No Fireplace?  No Problem

Fireplaces aren’t as regular a feature in homes as they may have been in recent decades.  But there’s nothing cozier and if you don’t have one, you may miss the comfort of those warming, flickering flames.

But you can change that with a freestanding electric fireplace.  They generate considerable heat and don’t require the constant prodding and poking of a wood fireplace (which also needs its chimney cleaned).

A solution for an existing, non-functioning fireplace is an insert.  While these don’t usually generate heat, they add a cozy glow that puts a cold, winter night in its place.

Add Luxury

You may love that old wingback in the corner but is it cozy?  If you’ve had it for a while, the upholstery may need an upgrade to restore it to fully functioning coziness.  When reupholstering, consider a fabric upgrade, choosing a rich velvet or weathered leather.

Add a footstool in a contrasting color and a sheepskin (even an artificial one) and you’re in cozy heaven, laughing in winter’s face.

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5 Italian Furniture Brands You Need to Know

Italian furniture has firmly established itself as a leading source of quality for the home, office, fine dining establishments and luxury hotels.  Inimitable in quality, it transcends the common.

But the array of brands is dizzying.  Such is the life of fine furnishings in one of the most vibrant sources of design in the world – Italy.  This post will introduce you to 5 Italian furniture brands you need to know.

These are exemplary brands, stamped with a singular style that brings Italian sophistication and style home to America.

1. Opera Contemporary

An offshoot of the Angelo Capellini furniture design house, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and faithful Regency and Louis reproductions, Opera Contemporary is a modern interpretation, advancing the uniquely Italian adoration of beauty.

Tradition meets simplicity in this contemporary line, wrapping offerings in rich velvet and sleek, modern metal finishes.

luxury bed Opera Contemporary

2. Scappini

A gift from the fabled city of Verona to the world of furniture design, Scappini is noted for its devotion to fine detail, in its labor-intensive treatments of classic designs.

Bringing a graceful past into the present, Scappini & C. Classic Furniture evokes the sweetness of a past rooted in comfort, and a gently lived life.

Scappini table

3. Domus Design Collection

Cool sophistication is the watchword of this sought-after, contemporary design house.  Created for sweeping, confident spaces, Domus brings discerning lovers of fine furniture artful living, with bold directions in Italian design.

Recipient of numerous design awards, you’ll find Domus’s unique visions in the homes of artists, designers and those who appreciate the quality, beauty and integrity of Italian style.

4. Carpanelli Furniture

For those who believe that fine craftsmanship is a thing of the past, Carpanelli stands in defiance.  Inlay techniques which have stood the test of time, employing rare woods, are continued in the loving hands of Carpanelli’s skilled artisans.

If you have a vision of exquisite detail, then you’ll love what Carpanelli creates.  With elements as precious as mother of pearl ingenuously integrated into the production of luxurious pieces, you’ll find a friend in Carpanelli.

Carpanelli dining table

5. Diemme Furniture

The architectural is explored in this exceptional line, featuring designs created to accommodate the human body, intelligently and ergonomically.

Founded in the 1990s, Diemme is dedicated to creating quality for the office and home, with seating which speaks your language, while marrying function to form effortlessly.

Demanding that style serve function, Diemme is the synthesis of ultimate comfort with inimitable and unforgettable design.

Diemme sofa

Find them at Michelangelo Designs

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With the first and only Italian Design Center in the nation. Michelangelo offers a cure for the common, bringing professionals in interior design, real estate development, retail and architecture the finest design houses of Italy.

The mundane isn’t equal to the task of creating elegant spaces which evoke comfort, style and harmony.  That’s why we’ve created a cure for the common, answering the need for the exceptional.

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Luxury Bedding Care Guide

We spend fully 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, if we insist on the requisite 8 hours per night, which we should.  So, shouldn’t our sleeping space be as luxurious and comfortable as possible?

At Michelangelo, we certainly think so.  If you’re as passionate about quality bedding as we are, you’ll appreciate this brief luxury bedding care guide.

Caring for your bedding extends its life and makes it even more of a pleasure to sleep on every night.

luxury bedding

Luxury Demands Curation

If you’ve invested in luxury bedding, you’re committed to caring for it.  That means getting it right from the start.

New bedding should be pre-laundered prior to putting it on your bed.  Taking the step of a cold pre-soak serves to preserve the fibers and colors.  For the first wash, use minimal detergent.

Whatever you do, leave the fabric softener on the shelf.  Fine linens don’t need it, as time and washing with soften it naturally.

Start a Rotation

Many people think of linens in terms of “one on the bed, one in the wash”.  But adding a 3rd set of bed linens allows the fibers to rest.  One on the bed, one in the wash and one in the linen cupboard is the rule of thumb for luxury bedding.

Wash your linens in a full set.  For example, ensure that matching pillow covers are washed with sheets.  This allows the set to age consistently, instead of some pieces appearing less used than others.

Check the Label

Be sure to check the label on your bedding for fabric composition.  This will make it clear what type of wash cycle and water temperature to use.

Set your machine to gentle, with warm water and cold rinse.  PRO-TIP:  use only half the amount of laundry detergent generally prescribed.  And please – no bleach.  This product degrades the fibers in luxury bedding.

When drying, don’t use a high heat.  Also, prior to loading the dryer, untwist or shake out the bedding to ensure more consistent drying.

Taking your bedding out of the dryer while still damp is a great way to avoid wrinkling.  But if you can, drying your luxury bedding the old-fashioned way is best.  Fresh air and gentle sunlight freshen your bedding and provide a natural disinfecting effect.

Let It Breathe

Fine, luxury bedding needs to breathe.  Your linen closet should provide adequate ventilation, as well as being cool and dry.

Long term storage of luxury bedding should never be in plastic, or cedar.  Cedar can stain the fabric and plastic offers no air circulation.

With proper care and storage, your luxury bedding will be gracing your bed for many happy, restful nights to come.

Michelangelo Designs

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Made in Italy Luxury Furniture: The Reasons for a Great Success

Made in Italy.  Those three words are redolent of quality, craftsmanship and an almost uncanny sense of beauty’s quintessence.

But in a world which seeks instant gratification and low price points, the cachet and allure of the Made in Italy label may have lost some of its lusters.  Today’s consumers want it now.

They want to wander the set-piece room displays at IKEA and load up their “to be assembled” purchases on the way to the check out.   They also want whatever it is they’re after to be inexpensive.  And while there’s nothing wrong with accessibility and while some of IKEA’s furniture has become almost universally classic, what’s missing is the craftsmanship.

luxury Italian piece of furniture

New Horizons for Made In Italy

But the global marketplace has shifted.  Today, the nouveau riche in countries like Russia, China and Brazil seek out the Made in Italy label avidly.

Formerly inaccessible in the economic turmoil of these nations, there’s an emerging trend among the young and well-heeled around the world to demand the supreme quality, painstaking craftsmanship and undeniable beauty of Italian goods.  Now that they’ve got what it takes to get it, they want it and they’re buying it.

Beyond that, there is the boundless energy of Italian creativity, coupled with a passion for the extraordinary and the strikingly beautiful which sets luxury items made in Italy apart from competing goods.

And Made in Italy luxury furniture is a case in point.  Its enduring popularity and status can be witnessed all over the world, from Moscow to Sao Paulo.

Reasons Too Numerous to Mention

Perhaps it’s the surroundings.  Maybe it’s the scent of coffee wafting through the morning streets, or the hum of thousands of years of history in the air.  It could even be the sea’s scent, or the fresh mountain air.

Italy has many wonders, but what they add up to in terms of Italian luxury furniture is a pure, unblemished adoration of the pleasure of being in the presence of beauty.  That’s a pleasure worth handing down through generations of artisan families, crafting by hand the intricacy of wood inlay and veneer.

It’s worth the time it takes to create lasting treasures which export a sliver of Italy’s legendary love of beauty to distant shores, where it can transport others to the land cradled between the Adriatic and the Mediterranean.

The reasons for the great success of Italian luxury furniture reside in our imaginations and our own desire to see and enjoy what’s truly and gloriously superlative.  From the Palace of the Doge in Venice to the Duomo in Florence, to Sicily’s wild rusticity, Italy is a legend of glamor, history and style which ignites the fantasies of millions.

Ignite Your Fantasy at Michelangelo

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Sophisticated Sofas: The Elegance of Classic Padded Elements

Nothing says home quite like the comfort of a sofa.  Today, acknowledged as a necessary component of any living room, the sofa wasn’t always a part of our lives.  It’s been developed over centuries, coming to us in various incarnations to arrive at its current, iconic status.

Sophisticated sofas: the elegance of classic padded elements is all about how we came to love this piece of furniture and what it symbolizes today, as part of the modern home.  Comfort.  Relaxation.  Family.  For modern people, it seems that the sofa has always existed.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

sofa EgoItaliano

An Elite Past

If there’s one thing you can say for the elite of the Roman Empire, it’s that they knew how to relax.  Probably the most famed precursor to the modern living room sofa is the Roman dining sofa.

The “lectus” was also used for sleeping, reading and reclining and was prized as one of the most important items of furniture in any noble Roman home.  Because Romans enjoyed lounging (the wealthy ones, at any rate), these provided relaxed seating which allowed the indolence of wealth to lounge to its heart’s content.

But the lectus was most probably developed in the wake of encounters with the Far East, where it’s believed that the sofa’s birthplace is properly located.

But it wasn’t until the late 17th Century that the sofa arrived in something close to its modern form, in Europe.  Sparsely cushioned, it was not the most comfortable seating arrangement, but was lavishly upholstered and again – only for those of some means.

In very short order, the luxury-obsessed elites of the Continent urged furniture designers to make the “canape” (as it was called then) more comfortable.  It was slightly later that the word “sofa” (derived from an Arabic word meaning cushion) came into vogue to describe this style of seating.

So, at the dawn of the 18th Century the elegant padded elements we now associated with a desirable sofa were pioneered.

Italian Sofa Sophistication

There’s no question that the elegance of classic padded elements is most richly expressed in the boundless sophistication of Italian furniture’s interpretations of the form.

Lavishly and strikingly realized, Italian sofa sophistication spans every genre from sleek modernism to Baroque excess.  At Michelangelo Designs, we honor the tradition of Italian design excellence, with an exclusive collection of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses.

sofa EgoItaliano light blue

EgoItaliano is just one the collections on the floor of our showroom and warehouse.  Known for elevating the art of upholstered furniture, a sofa from this designer both thrills with its elegance and coddles with its comfort.

Silik brings the traditional and contemporary together to create uniqueness in a world of bland conformity.  If that describes your style, you’ll find it here at Michelangelo, where we cure the common.

Trade professionals find inspiration at the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA.  Come be inspired by the riches of Italy.  Impress your discerning clients with singular vision.

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A Luxury Wooden Sideboard for a Classic Living Room

Your classic living room is where you share your personal style with friends and family.  It’s a point of pride for you and a revelatory expression of who you are, when visitors join you for the evening.

And a luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room is a prestigious addition to the space’s ambience, speaking volumes about your taste, style and what you value most in life.

Luxury is the message and there’s no medium more appropriate for sending it than the lustrous, timeless quality of wood.  Whispering of time-honored craftsmanship and painstaking detail, a luxury wooden sideboard brings warmth and depth to your classic living room.

luxury wooden sideboard

A Glorious Past

Also known as a “buffet”, the sideboard’s most common location is the dining room.  While this is a practical choice, the living room is often the site of gatherings which require space to arrange canapes and cocktails in an elegant display which appeals to the eye and offers entertaining convenience.

Originating in the 18th Century, the sideboard established itself in 19th Century Europe, as continental householders’ fortunes increased during the Industrial Revolution.  In Italy, where all beautiful things are revered, the sideboard is known as the “credenza”.

Today’s wooden sideboard has its origins in the homes of those prospering in the crucible of monumental change, displaying their wealth in intricate wood inlay and costly veneers.

What Does Your Sideboard Look Like?

A luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room can take numerous forms, drawing on the styles and traditions of the time frame in which this item of furniture rose to popularity.  But you may choose to express your personal vision with an ornate, Baroque version, or an Art Deco interpretation.

It all depends on you, your vision and your taste.

At Michelangelo Designs, we understand the impulse to individuality in interior design.  That’s why we’ve gathered an elite selection of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses at our expansive showroom and warehouse.

Professionals in the Trade can appease discerning tastes with the riches found here at the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, where the cure for the common is abundantly manifested.

wooden sideboard buffet

Italian Craftsmanship

Michelangelo’s mission brings to the USA’s shores the ultimate in Italian craftmanship and quality.  The artisanal expression of Italy’s legacy of creating beauty is seen in the classic reproductions of Fratelli Bianchini and the world-changing hands of Angelo Capellini.

Your luxury wooden sideboard for a classic living room is here to be discovered.  Uncommonly stunning, expertly crafted and hewn from the finest woods, our selection is drawn only from Italy’s most renowned furniture designers.

The Cure for the Common

Trade professionals know their clients and Michelangelo Designs knows Trade professionals.  We know they seek the ideal match to client vision, so we’ve created an exclusively Italian resource, exclusively for the Trade.

The cure for the common is here, at Michelangelo, waiting to grace the classic living rooms of your clientele with Italian luxury.  Professionals in the Trade are invited to schedule an appointment.

Luxury Home Furniture: Made in Italy is One Step Ahead

Maybe living in an ancient loft looking out on the Campo dei Fiori in Rome isn’t in the cards for you.  And maybe you can’t find your way to that breathtaking, permanent terrace in Capri, the Mediterranean’s blue vastness arrayed at your feet.

But you can bring a slice of that inimitable glamor into your home.  Luxury home furniture from Italy is one step ahead because of Italy’s timeless traditions of excellence and perfectionism and a national commitment to honoring a setting which is painfully beautiful.

Made in Italy is one step ahead.  It’s a taste of the Campo dei Fiori, a whisper of Capri and a dash of Lake Como nestled in your home, crafted by masters of Italian furniture design.

luxury Italian furniture

Where Epochs Exist In Harmony

Everywhere you go in Italy, you walk in the shadow of epochs of history.  Before even the Romans, came the Etruscans, their she-wolf still the potent symbol of Rome, suckling the twins, Romulus and Remus.

And when you’re born from a long line of artisans, you wear the mantle of generations of exacting craftsmanship which demands fidelity to a proud tradition.

Outside your door history is present, living hand in glove with the present and the future.  All these tenses of time exist in harmony in the Italian heart and mind.  The past is present in every moment of life, reflected in both reverence and innovation.

To be a creator of fine things in Italy is to not only continue a tradition but to enliven it with the moment.  This is the ongoing brilliance of Italian design and its enduring truth – that Italian culture demands both continuity and bold departure, held in a tension which creates something uniquely sophisticated.

Bringing Italian Luxury Home

Whether adding to a well-established collection of Italian luxury furniture, or starting with your first piece, the flavor of a nation steeped in sophisticated design is easy to bring home, with Michelangelo Designs.

At the first and only Italian Design Center in the USA, we bring Italy’s timeless beauty to homes, hotels and other fine establishments for discerning Trade professionals and their clientele.

Here, you’ll select from a dozen of Italy’s most acclaimed furniture design houses, from the modernism of EgoItaliano to the classicism of Carpanelli.  We don’t stop at Italy’s finest designers.  We provide endless possibilities, with over 1,000 textile selections, including rare woods and supple leathers.

With Michelangelo, your home takes on the patina of Italy’s timeless dedication to beauty and quality, creating an oasis of sophistication that isn’t too shy to make a spectacle of itself.

Exclusively for Trade Professionals

Since 1985, Michelangelo Designs has been importing the riches of Italy to fire the imaginations of professionals in the Trade.  Architects, interior designers, real estate developers and retailers find the cure for the common here.

They come to us in the knowledge that we’ve created this sterling resource for them alone.  With the inspiration of Italian excellence, their creative impulse is ignited.

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Majestic, Welcoming, Elegant: The Classic Luxury Armchair

The classic luxury armchair is a fixture in elegant spaces all over the world.  From fine hotels, to high-end restaurants and lounges, to your own living room, the armchair is a symbol of coddled comfort.

From the traditional wingback, to the overstuffed chair and a half, the classic luxury armchair invites you to settle into its enveloping comfort and relax.

No living room seems like home without at least one.  Majestic, welcoming, elegant: the classic luxury armchair is a tradition unto itself.


5,000 Years of History – The Chair

The earliest known chair isn’t a chair at all.  Rather, it’s a sculpted depiction of a chair, looking much the same as what we know today as a kitchen chair.  Dated between 2,700 BCE and 2,800 BCE, the sculptor is of a seated harp player.

In the world of the Ancient Egyptians, chairs were status symbols.  While the rich used them, everyone else sat on the floor or on stools.

The Greeks were later to invent the “klismos”, an elegant prototypical model for the Golden Age of seating, which didn’t come until the 18th Century, almost 2,000 years later.

These were heady days for armchairs, when the wealth generated by international trade gave birth to designs like the Louis XV armchair – one of the stylistic precursors to the classic luxury armchair we see in sophisticated spaces today.

Form and Function In Harmony

Through time, many cultures have adhered to traditions of sitting on the floor or reclining on low cushions.  In the West, we generally choose to sit on chairs, but Eastern traditions have been influential in transforming attitudes here, in that regard.

For those of us married to the tradition of the seated posture, the classic luxury armchair is the epitome of luxurious comfort, redolent of cool nights spent before a roaring fire in cozy study, book in hand.

And the form that our armchair takes in our imaginations can be anything but feather-stuffed, cushy splendor, to the masculine leather tufting of the classic club chair.

At Michelangelo Designs, we present Trade professionals with the full spectrum of armchairs, fit for discerning clientele decorating homes, hotels, condominium developments and clubs.  For any space in which people gather to relax and enjoy elegant surroundings, the classic luxury armchair is an integral element which offers high-level design’s enviable form, united with the demand for function – comfortable seating.

red armchair

From Italy with Luxury

Michelangelo Designs is where you’ll find Italy’s most sought-after furniture design houses.  At our expansive showroom and warehouse, we cater to individual tastes, with a stunning selection that runs the gamut from the classics to today’s contemporary stylings.

And with over 1,000 textile selections, you know you’ll find that ideal armchair.

Tufting both classic and channel.  Leather.  Velvet.  Damask.  If you can dream it, you’ll find it at the first and only Italian Design Center in the United States.

At Michelangelo Designs, you’ll find the cure for the common, from Italy with luxury.  Trade professionals are invited to contact us to book an appointment.

How to Choose the Perfect Stool for Your Kitchen, Bar or Game Room

The stool is a fixture in any setting that’s relaxed and informal.  From the bistro to the home game room, to the bar, to the kitchen island, stools are an attractive, comfortable alternative that add another dimension to your home décor scheme.

But there’s a science as to how to choose the perfect stool for your kitchen, bar or game room.  Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider when striking out to find that perfect stool.


The Right Height

Most bar stools are fabricated in four standard heights.  These correspond to table tops, bars, counters and higher surfaces, like bistro tabletops.

But you may desire a flexible alternative, so choosing a model which includes a hydraulic lift to allow for adjustable height is the perfect alternative.  This creates the ability to use them with variable surfaces.

How Many?

Understanding the spacing of stools relative to their width and the available surface area they correspond to determines how many you’ll need.

Some stools are wider than others, with four standard sizes.  For the narrower stools, you’ll need to leave 6 inches between each.  For the wider stools, 8 inches is the accepted distance, allowing for getting in and out and turning the stool to face people sitting in the next one.

Karina chairs


Here’s where it gets personal.  You know what you like and you know what you’re looking for in a stool that works in the environment you’re buying for.

But there are 4 standard categories stools fall into.  These are backless, low back, full back and swivel, with arms.  Much hinges on available space and personal style.  You may envision a hybrid version of one of these styles.  For example, a backless, cowhide swivel stool.

Remember that each style has its advantages and disadvantages, practically speaking.  Backless stools can readily be stored under the lip of the counter, whereas stools with backs can’t do that.  But backless stools off no support for your back.

Stools with a low or mid-rise back offer a little more support and tend to be fabricated in modern design schemes.  Stools with full backs are ideal for working at the kitchen counter or eating around a higher dining table arrangement.

PRO-TIP:  the more time you intend to sit in your bar stool, the more consideration you should give to comfort and support.  The stylish stool you envision may not be ideal for its intended purpose, so be honest with yourself and choose the stool that works with your primary use of it.

A brief cocktail before dinner and assembling a presentation package are two difference activities, requiring two different seating options.

How to choose the perfect stool for your kitchen, bar or game room is about function, form and purpose.  The height of the surface the stool is intended to service is key, but so is comfort and back support (if you intend to sit in it longer).

Trade professionals are invited to contact Michelangelo Designs to book an appointment.

Come!  Cure the common.