Ways to Make Your Dining Room Furniture the Star of the Show

If you entertain regularly, you’re fond of having people over and sharing the delights of your home with them.  You’re no doubt a dab hand in the kitchen, but if you’re here, you’ve probably got beautiful dining room furniture you’d like your guests to notice.

People who entertain often focus on the more temporal aspects of having company around.  Good conversation and fine food figure prominently.  But the setting is what really makes the evening and that means creating an ambience that makes your guests feel welcome and a little spoiled.

This post focuses on ways to make your dining room furniture to the star of the show.  It’s beautiful.  You’ve chosen it carefully and now you want to create a setting that does it justice.

Read on.

The mood

If you’ve ever eaten under the harsh lights of a cafeteria, you’ll know how intrusive and annoying overhead lighting can be.  That’s why you want to avoid that effect in your dining room.

You’re not just having your friends over for dinner.  You’re inviting them into your world.  That world is thoughtfully lit with a pendant light which hangs over the center of your dining room suite, illuminating perhaps a large art glass bowl, or a magisterial arrangement of seasonal flowers, flanked by flickering candles.

Wall sconces are also at home in the dining room, providing peripheral light which doesn’t spoil the mood or detract from the central features you want most to highlight – your dining room furniture.

Lighting should cast a glow, not a glare.  Choose options which allow your guests to see the beauty around them, while making your dining room furniture the star of the show.

dining room Oreste

Grounding the space

If you’ve taken our advice about a fixture which illuminates your dining table at its center, then you’re well on your way to grounding the space and sharpening its focus to star of the show, your dining room furniture.

You’ll want to take the extra step of finding just the right rug that will be the final masterstroke toward a refined focus on the room’s central elements.

Here’s where you can go mad.  Your rug needn’t match the walls, the furniture, the art, or anything else for that matter.  It can reference them, instead, creating an island of dining pleasure by clearly delineating the space and its boundaries.

A good rule of thumb for a dining room rug is to leave 18 inches on all four sides.  If that’s not possible, choose something smaller, which leaves an 8-inch border from the back legs of the chairs when they’re pulled out (as though a guest were sitting in them).

Choosing a high impact color or pattern (animal prints like zebra, or patterns which speak of them, are huge right now) grounds your dining room and your dining room furniture becomes the star of the show.

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Displaying Old and New Luxury Furniture Together

Contemporary interior design is rapidly evolving out of constricting dogmas of consistency of styling.  Disparate styles are now brought together as a matter of routine, creating something entirely new.

This trend is reflected in the Eclectic, Bohemian and Maximalist trends which are dominating the world of home design right now.  Even in the most carefully curated rooms, the modern interior design impulse is toward mixing the old with the new.  But how?

Designers, instead of choosing an era or style, choose unifiers like color, pattern and theme to create rooms with select pieces which don’t need to come from the same era or design school to relate to one another in perfect harmony.

Let’s find out more about displaying old and new luxury furniture together.

Symmetry and line

One of the most important aspects of displaying old and new luxury furniture together is to seek symmetry and to find balance in the lines offered by pieces you already have, or plan on acquiring

Furniture pieces from different eras and design styles can work together when you consider how balanced they are.  For example, things which are a similar or the same color won’t necessarily work, if they’re so diverse in terms of scale and interpretation that they butt up against each other.

Find balance and harmony in lines that speak to and echo one another.  This is a subtle approach to blending eras and styles which takes a little thought but pays tremendous dividends.

From the ground up

When you seek to create harmony between contrasting epochs of design, the floor is always a good place to start.  Seek out a large rug to accent your furniture and create a critical focus for your disparate design elements.

Oriental rugs lend themselves very well to this, with their vibrant colors and patterns, but just as useful is a handloomed rug with a consistent pattern that serves to ground the space it’s in and create context for your design vision.

But geometrics are huge right now, so don’t rule out choosing a rug with a geometric design that’s bold and references original iterations from ethnic weavers.


Now that the rug’s down, it’s time to talk about art and how it can serve to tie your room together.  Modern art is especially effective for this.  Whether representative or abstract, modern art creates a focus which grounds your room in the modern age.  An interesting alternative is modern art referencing classic art pieces from antiquity or later ages.  This ties in with you old/new furniture mix, also.

Go large, accenting your central art piece with smaller pieces that help build on your eclectic theme.

Michelangelo Designs

At Michelangelo Designs, we’ve been bringing the riches of Italian furniture design excellence to the USA since 1985.  Since then, we’ve been marrying that excellence to American ingenuity to create the perfect synthesis.

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Use Color to Help Your Dining Room Furniture Stand Out

If there’s one thing that can be said about contemporary design trends, it’s that color is back and bigger than ever.  White walls are giving way to glorious exclamations of vibrant color in every room of the home.  Even hotel properties are getting in on the color action, with many properties embracing the trend to give their accommodations a personalized touch of design panache.

In the world of design, it’s color that really winnows the conventional from the superlative.  When wisely deployed, it can create from the banal something truly sublime.

This post is all about how you can use color to help your dining room furniture stand out.  If you’ve invested in a high-end dining table and chairs, a buffet, or other fine furnishings, then the last thing you want is for it not to be noticed.

That’s why color is your friend.

red dining room

Color is now

We’ve written about Maximalist design here before.  It’s huge right now.  And you can bring it into your dining room to create the ideal environment for your stunning dining room furniture, making it the undisputed start of the show.

Ultra Violet is Pantone’s color of the year.  Upholster your dining room seating in this color and match it with a floral centerpiece that sets the scene.  Or use it on the walls to create a backdrop for your elegant furnishings.

Choose a deep, warm version of the color to envelop your guests in the cozy delights of a meal with friends, as your dining room furniture takes center stage.

Or choose Black Flame (that sensuous marriage of black and navy blue) for contrast and theatricality, with ultra violet upholstery popping against this enigmatic backdrop.


Color isn’t just for upholstery and walls.  Color can be used to place your dining room furniture at the heart of the action, by selecting artwork that does the job.

Now that you’ve got the walls painted and the chairs upholstered, choose art that’s both bold and which creates a tension between the color or colors you’ve chosen.  Your art should bring everything else in the room into focus, while creating conversational opportunities to keep your dinner party lively.

Cluster artwork around a theme or color scheme.  Choose frames that compliment your furnishings, while allowing them to shine.

patchwork chair in colors

Table settings

Table settings demand your attention, when you’re seeking to create an ambience of hospitality and sensual enjoyment around your dining table.

Choose settings which either contrast or blend with your table top (depending on the effect you’re seeking).  Layer that effect to intensify it with elegant chargers and full table settings in contrasting colors and unusual patterns.

A mix of bold, solid colors and lively geometric or floral patterns in an intentional table setting is another trend you’ll want to play with.

Color is a gift.  It brings another dimension of beauty to interior design and yet another way to customize spaces and express the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.  We recommend applying it liberally.

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Décor to Compliment Your Luxury Furniture

Luxury furniture is made to grace your living space with the extraordinary.  Meticulous craftsmanship, high-end materials and enduring quality deserve to be surrounded by décor that speaks to its excellence.

The trick is expressing yourself in the context of furnishings you’ve purchased to create a certain feeling.  Whether you’ve chosen modern, traditional or a blend of both, creating a balanced environment is top of mind when choosing décor to compliment your luxury furniture.

We thought we’d point to some key contemporary trends.  You’re here because you love luxury furniture, so you know what moves you.  We know you’ll take these décor trends and adapt them to mesh with the exquisite luxury furniture in your home.

PRO-TIP:  Contemporary trends are not to be confused with fads.  Your home is for keeps, so keep it stylish, elegant and true to your vision.

Setting the mood with color

While white walls may suit the sensibilities of some, in terms of design and décor they’re rather decisively over.

colorful chairs

The most compelling trend in wall colors for the home tracks to creating a sense of coziness and tranquility.  Walls today are taking on highly-saturated paint and paper treatments in darker colors.  While that may not be your “thing”, you can employ the trend to compliment your luxury furniture.  What’s more compelling than a plush chartreuse recliner against a deep navy wall?

Black Flame (a compromise between navy and black) provides the ideal setting for luxury furniture, creating a sensation of sanctuary and a backdrop for your discerning taste.  But don’t stop at the walls!  Take it to the ceiling and embrace another key décor trend.

Luxe fringe

No longer confined to throws, pillows, blankets and the odd Tiffany lamp, fringe has broken from its stuffy confines to take pride of place in lighting solutions, mirrors and even furniture pieces.

The touch of whimsy and over-the-top luxury provided by fringe is being expressed this season in natural, tactile materials.  Spilling over to create additional texture and interest, fringe can be deployed in numerous ways that set off your luxury furniture.

art cafe style

Get intense

With the Maximalist design and décor trend in full swing, intense color is a trend anyone can incorporate into their homes.

With the addition of select décor (arts, cushions, glass and ceramic ware), your luxury furniture is re-created in a distinct design moment.  Pops of intense color bring that moment to your aesthetic, making it your own.

Combine this trend with a soothing, unifying wall color like Black Flame and give your luxury furniture its contemporary due.  And if you’ve a piece which is a deep red hue, you’re ahead on all fronts.

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Investing in High Quality Custom Furniture for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is the sanctuary of the home.  It’s where you sleep, relax and pamper yourself.  A highly personalized space, your bedroom is an important part of your residence that people too often tend to bypass when thinking about adding high quality custom furniture.

But it’s your special space, so it’s worth taking the time to consider how you can add the luxury of custom furniture to your beloved sanctuary – the bedroom.

This post will explore investing in high quality custom furniture for your bedroom, key pieces which may be ripe for an upgrade and treatments that bring the thoughtfulness of your overall decorating and furnishing themes into the most intimate part of the home.

Mantellassi bedroom


Even if your bedroom is small, adding a seating element brings another touch of luxury and repose to your personal retreat.

Whether you choose an elegant slipper chair in tufted velvet, or have space for a sinuous chaise longue, seating in the bedroom contributes to an air of intentional privacy and exclusivity.

Add a small, round table in one of the new high gloss finishes to bring a luxurious glow to your seating area.  If your space won’t accommodate a larger seating area, a slipper chair with a whimsical cushion that complements your décor or a luxurious throw in a natural fiber, provides an additional level of pampered personal privacy.

Lighting and mirrors

Beautiful lighting solutions are one of the most important features of the bedroom.  From chandeliers over the bed to heighten its focal attraction, to bedside lamps on either side to bring your space symmetry and ambiance, lighting should never be overlooked in this space.

But the effect of the right lighting can be taken to another level when its illumination is reflected in well-placed mirrors.  Mirrors bring sparkle and a kind of magic to any space and this is no truer than it is in the bedroom.

The warm glow of light reflected in mirrors increases the ambience and lends the illusion of space, while reflecting the experiential aspects of your décor’s mood back to you.

Headboards and bed frames

The focal point of the bedroom is where you lay down at night – the bed itself.  Beyond the mattress (which is incredibly important), the frame and headboard are of to be carefully chosen.  We’d say that the bedframe and headboard are the foundation on which the rest of the room is built.

Choose a headboard to suit the mood of the room.  From four-poster treatments to sleigh beds to wraparound head and footboards, the market is limitless in terms of stylistic treatments.

Flirt with the trend to luxurious, tactile fabrics with velvet in a jewel tone against a tranquil, deep wall color.  Or make your bedding the star of the show with a neutral toned frame that works with changing seasons, but never competes with your bedding treatments as you change them.

Above all, select the pieces that speak to you of luxury and relaxation.

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