Which Luxury Furniture Should You Buy For Your Home?

The home is a highly personal space and a reflection of your personal style.  Encompassing comfort, aesthetics and hospitality, your living space is much more than functional.

If you’re contemplating adding luxury furniture to the design elements of your home, careful consideration needs to be given to your lifestyle.  A white chaise longue probably isn’t going to work in a home where small children are running around with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for example.

And for obvious reasons.

So, which luxury furniture should you buy for your home?  The furniture which is suited to your concept of beauty and comfort and which supports your lifestyle, realistically.

Scale and setting.

You love your residence.  It’s a statement about what’s important to you and about where you find the greatest joy in life.  It deserves a thoughtful interpretation.

luxury chairs and small table with flowers on it

Luxury furniture is an investment in your home’s presentation.  Whether your home has many rooms, or only a few and whether you’re ready to fill it with luxury furniture, or start with one foundational piece, scale and setting are key.

A mid-century modern home, for example, features larger spaces which demand that its sweeping rooms be answered with furniture to scale, whether it’s traditional or contemporary.  The smaller rooms of modern condominiums require a different approach which answers the need for utility, beauty and comfort.

In either instance, it’s your personal style which dictates what works.  You may love a mixture of contemporary and traditional styles, but whatever you choose, taking into consideration the character of your home and how furniture is going to work in the spaces you’re buying for is key.

Consult with a professional.

If you’re planning to re-vision your living space with luxury furniture, investing in a consultation with a design professional is always in order.

You’re investing in international standards of quality and high-level design, so having a knowing eye on hand, as you choose luxury furniture, is a wise decision.

two chairs and wooden coffee table

A professional will immediately get a sense for what your home’s character will accommodate, aesthetically.  A design professional will also be able to discern your personal style by discussing your vision with you.

Michelangelo – the design professional’s best friend.

Because Michelangelo Designs works exclusively with the Trade, offering it exclusively Italian luxury furniture, your design professional will discover a world of ideas at the Michelangelo Design Center.

Featuring the most sought-after furniture brands from Italy, Trade professionals have access to a dozen premier design houses, encompassing reproductions of classical furnishings, traditional stylings and sleek contemporary offerings.

white modern leather sofa with little coffee table

For those with a singular concept, Michelangelo brings customization to luxury, creating endless possibilities for professionals in the Trade, with 1,000 textile selections, including rich leathers and sumptuous woods.

Which luxury furniture should you choose for your home?  The furniture which takes your living space to another level, with sublime design that’s uniquely you.

Your investment in luxury furniture will re-create your home as a reflection of your tastes and lifestyle. Have your designer get in touch with Michelangelo to start the transformation.

Is It Time to Invest In Luxury Furniture?

Today, the public doesn’t see pieces of design only as museum pieces, but rather products to live with every day. Buying a nice piece of design is like buying a painting or a sculpture.”

Giulio Cappellini, Art Director, Cappellini Furniture

The contemporary fascination with design, whether born from mass media, or the proliferation of global prosperity in key sectors, is a growing trend.  As Giulio Cappellini points out in the quote above, people are increasingly seeking beautifully designed furniture as an investment.

Built to last, as well as to be striking, luxury furniture is a wise investment decision.  But choosing the right luxury furniture depends on the buyer’s understanding of the history of furniture design.

Eames – as fresh as ever.

If you’re a fan of exceptional furniture design, you’ll be familiar with the name Eames.  Charles and Ray Eames released their classic Eames lounge chair for the Herman Miller furniture company in 1956.  Today, an example of this sought-after piece resides in the Museum of Modern Art, in New York City.

Eames lounge chair and ottoman

Sleek, sophisticated and endlessly elegant, this lounger, with its classic ottoman, is considered more than an icon of modernism.  It’s art.

The name Eames continues to be synonymous with style, typifying the mid-Century modern aesthetic.  The Eames lounge chair is only one example of classic furniture style that has endured through the ages to continue to make an impact today.

Quality stands the test of time.

When investing in luxury furniture, quality is the watchword.  You’re looking for items which not only speak of your style, but will continue to do so – probably for the rest of your life.  This is furniture you’ll be able to hand on to your children.

comfortable brown chair and double chair with small round table in between

And they won’t mind a bit.  A 21st Century problem is young people having no interest in the contents of parental homes.  But if you’ve invested in luxury furniture that’s elegant and timeless, your children will happily welcome it into their own homes, when the time comes.

Luxury furniture doesn’t depreciate in value.  Its value only grows.  That’s not just true of an Eames lounger, or a La Corbusier chaise.  It’s true of quality luxury furniture that’s crafted by masters, using superior materials and honoring centuries of traditional craftsmanship.

Is it time to invest?

So, is it time to invest in luxury furniture?  While the decision is yours, luxury furniture has a place in everyone’s home.  Even investing in one or two pieces can make the difference between a mundane living space and something truly extraordinary.

Once you’ve reached a certain point in life, you want the very best.  You also want to leave something for your children and their children to enjoy.  That’s the time to invest in luxury furniture, for your lifestyle, comfort and for the future.

At Michelangelo, we believe in the finer things in life and our selection of exclusively Italian furniture is one of them.  When you’ve made the decision to invest in luxury furniture, your next step is to have your design consultant contact us to schedule an appointment.

Making the Best of a Small Space With Your Modern Bedroom Furniture

Small spaces are a decorating and design challenge that’s being met by savvy design professionals with innovative solutions.

Making the best of a small space with your modern bedroom furniture may sound like a tall order, but when you approach it intelligently, it’s doable.

There are so many luxury brands addressing small spaces with adaptable design.  Modern bedroom furniture takes in account the challenges of small spaces, with space-saving solutions made elegant for your bedroom – your sanctuary from the world.

Now you see it.

A small space needn’t appear cramped.  Modern bedroom furniture solutions include elegant answers to the time-honored Murphy bed, once a staple for many homes.

wall unit bed system

Today, the Murphy bed has been re-visioned.  By day, it’s a stylish bookcase, with a small, fold-down writing desk.  By night, it’s a bed, with little trace your workspace was ever there.

Some modern furniture designers are finding similar ways of tucking away your sleeping space by day, by creating attractive, space-conforming furniture that does double duty.

But if your bed stays in place during the day, shouldn’t it be doing double duty, anyways?  In a small space, it must.  Beds which create storage beneath the mattress are becoming a staple of manufacturers of modern bedroom furniture, making of platform beds stealthy places to stash valuables, or just a spare set of sheets, pillows and an extra comforter.

pretty modern bedroom and woman putting a pillow under the mattress

Suspended animation.

When space is limited, creativity is demanded.  That’s why modern designers are answering the space challenge with items like suspended bedside tables.  Requiring no base, these hang from the ceiling, creating an airy illusion of additional space on either side of the bed.

Floating shelves are another trend.  Instead of traditional shelving, these can be affixed to walls, requiring minimal space for decorative items, books and other bedroom necessities.

Without the requirement for a footprint which eats available space, suspension and space-saving shelving solutions create the sense that you have more than enough room to move.

The return of the slipper chair.

The classic slipper chair is armless, which means it commands far less space than the traditional armchair.  While many don’t believe that chairs belong in the bedroom, who doesn’t like to sit down to put on their socks?

white slipper chair

The slipper chair answers this need, while presenting a sleek, stylish accent for smaller bedrooms.  Tucked in the corner, or as part of a compact vanity, the slipper chair is making a comeback for those with limited space, even doubling as a chair for a workspace.

Wardrobes exposed.

When space is at a premium, the doors come off.  Exposed wardrobes are a trend which allows your bedroom to feature an expansive storage space for clothing and shoes, while eliminating the need for a door.

A wardrobe door can make a small space seem even smaller.  You may find you’ll want to be less cavalier about the way you store your clothing items, but isn’t that a good thing?

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How a console table sets the tone

Console tables play a small but important role in setting the tone for your home. They are a nice addition to any entry way or living room space. Consoles set the style for the furnishings that follow. Whether traditional or contemporary, Italian furniture brands are sure to deliver!

Below are our personal picks for high end furniture that are sure to be a great first impression!

The Alpha console table is a perfect example of a contemporary furniture piece. Multiple legs supporting the console table give it a unique look. The legs add character while the simple top creates a good balance from being too busy.

This console from Rozzoni creates an elegant space. This is truly for luxury interiors with the combination of purple and gold. The angular shape of the drawers are not only eye catching but also has a functional purpose!

Another console table from Rozzoni was featured during a recent ASID NJ event. The floral pattern makes it an interesting piece that will stand out in an entry way or living room. Like the previous console, it is functional while also adding personality to your home!

This is just a fraction of the luxurious made in Italy furniture that can brighten up your home. This small collection of consoles are produced by the top Italian brands. Elevate your space through these small but significant changes! Whether you are searching for fun, decorative, or functional we can be sure to provide you with amazing Italian furniture.