Choosing an Office Desk

Choosing an office desk might seem like a daunting process given the different types and styles that exist. You can narrow down your search by determining what suites your work needs, amount of space, and the efficiency.

modern office deskFor those that prefer something modern and sleek this office desk might be best for you. The Zero desk by Dellarovere is a simple but polished desk that is not only functional but elevates your living space. It has a large surface, so it is perfect for fitting your laptop or files but the stand is small enough where this desk can be placed anywhere. The size makes it perfect for people that do not have a lot of space to fit a large office desk. The sleek design also makes it less bulky, making your space more cohesive. Since this desk is smaller and has no storage, it is used best for minimal things such as only a laptop and some papers.

traditional office deskFor those that would like something more traditional this desk by Bianchini may be more suited for you. The wood finish gives it a more traditional appearance as office desks are usually thought of. The build of the desk makes it sturdy providing you with the ability to place various objects on the surface. Unlike the previous office desk, this one contains drawers on either side, perfect for storing paperwork, books, or magazines. Given the design and storage space, this desk is optimal for those that have the space to include this desk.

transitional office deskIf you would prefer something in between modern and traditional the Lithos desk by Dellarovere might suite all your needs. Despite being made of wood this office desk has more of a transitional style because of its design and versatility. The Lithos desk can be positioned in an “L” shape while incorporating storage. The “L” shape gives people more room to work and spread paper work. The other side of the desk feature storage compartments that offers even more space to place any documents. Its design indicates that one would need enough room for this desk but its versatility in positioning the storage where you want is extremely helpful.

Baroque Furniture in Today’s World

Beginning in Rome, Italy, Baroque is an artistic movement that is characterized by its dramatic and opulent features. Baroque art features a lot of movement, emotions, and grandeur that was expressed in music, traditional art, and architecture. Like other forms of expression the way in which furniture was designed also exhibited these same characteristics. Baroque furniture contains a lot of curvature, gold accents, and colorful patterns that are expressive and demonstrates exuberance.

Although this movement began in the 17th century this does not indicate that the style is no longer seen in homes. Baroque style furnishing has remained popular and is returning to contemporary homes. Instead of going all in with Baroque style furnishings, mixing various styles leads to an interesting combination and one that balances out. If you would love to include this type of furniture into your home without making it seem too traditional, these tips will assist you in incorporating Baroque pieces into your home.

Mixing Eras and Styles

If you would like to incorporate Baroque inspired furniture without it taking over your space don’t be afraid to mix styles. Pair the curvature of Baroque furnishing with the style elements of other furniture; straight lines, no pattern, neutral tones. Instead of clashing all the pieces will balance and work together into a cohesive piece.


Since Baroque era furniture is full of rich colors and patterns, pairing a piece with other furniture that have solid, neutral colors can compliment one another. Using white can also be a helpful way of toning down the expressive tone of Baroque furniture. Using soft colors balances the opulence of Baroque furniture and incorporates it more into a room. With soft colors in the background, some gold accents usually found in Baroque furniture, will give the room a pop of Baroque expression without being overdone.

Keep it Simple

Treat the furniture like accent pieces. Include a couple of pieces that blend seamlessly with the environment. Another option is to also choose a single piece and make it the focal point of the room. The surrounding style will elevate the Baroque piece while bringing it into the contemporary world.

Following these steps will make it possible to include this style into your contemporary home. It is possible to bring this 17th century furniture into the modern world through these simple tips. Maintain your contemporary style while blending Baroque through the use of color, mixing styles, and choosing specific pieces.

Transitional: Balance Between Styles

Are you interested in modern furnishings but find the style too sleek and clean? Are traditional furnishings too lavish in its use of pattern and color for your taste? Transitional furniture may be for you!

If you find elements of each style something that you would like to implement in your space but don’t want to go to either extremes, meeting in the middle may be ideal for you.

Transitional style takes the best of both worlds and combines it into one. If you like the sleek appearance of modern style but still want to include patterns and texture without overdoing it, this style can suit your needs. Transitional style focuses on warm neutral colors such as beige, gray, taupe, tan and includes small touches of varying patterns. There is often a mix of patterns, textures, and lines. This style includes enough to make your space look polished without losing its inviting atmosphere.

transitional armchairsFor example this Butterfly Armchair by Opera Contemporary (left) is a perfect example of a transitional style. The unique design of the armchair separates it from a traditional style but the curvature of the backrest removes it from a solely modern approach. The color of the armchair also brings it into a more transitional style. The warm neutral color creates a relaxing atmosphere. It is sophisticated but also inviting, meeting in between two opposing styles.

transitional armchairThe Faust Armchair by Opera Contemporary (right) again presents a transitional style but expressed in a different manner. Although this armchair has more edges and straight lines, the qualities of a transitional style are still there. The straight lines are of a modern style but to add warmth to the armchair it also has some curves running down the sides. This small detail makes the piece less rigid and sleek, giving it a comfortable look. The color also influences the atmosphere, a warm light gray evoking a transitional appearance.

Lastly this Kiton Sofa from Domus Design (bottom left) is another example of transitional furniture. Like the other examples mentioned above this sofa possess a neutral tone that creates an inviting atmosphere. It does have some strong horizontal and vertical lines but not overly so where it becomes too polished. It has a modern tone because of the shape but the color and texture give it an inviting feeling.
transitional sofa
Overall if you want a style that has a clean approach but still want to maintain a warm, inviting environment transitional style may be for you. There are a variety of patterns, textures, and pieces that you can incorporate without clashing with one another. Rather it creates a soothing, elegant environment.


Space Saving Furniture

Space saving furniture can be beneficial for a several of reasons. If you do not possess the space to comfortably place all the pieces that you may want, introducing furniture that saves space is a perfect solution. Despite being unable to have the pieces you want and instead opting for pieces you need this does not mean that your living space will lose style or your personality.

Space saving furniture is functional and innovative while also being stylish. You will not have to sacrifice your taste but rather you will be able to express yourself even more with the way in which you utilize this furniture and the extra space that will become available.

Hiding Furniture

    • When no longer in use easily store
    • Use new free space for other activities, furniture, etc
    • Type of storage can add decorative element
    • Hide and reveal furniture at your convenience

wall unit space saving wall unit space saving


Multiple Use Furniture

      • Hide one piece to reveal another
      • Functional, innovative
      • Multiple pieces stored into one unit
      • Ultimate space saving and functionality

wall unit space saving wall unit space saving


    • Multiple shelves to optimize storage
    • Uses vertical/ceiling space
    • Takes up less floor space
    • Shelves allows for neater organization

wall unit space saving

How to Pick The Perfect Coffee Table

A coffee table can add that extra bit of warmth and has the ability to make your living room inviting. Depending on the atmosphere that you want to create can determine the type of coffee table you want to include. There are various types of coffee tables in different styles, mediums, and dimensions that it may seem that picking the one for your home may seem difficult. Choices can be narrowed down when you determine what goes best with your furniture and if it will compliment the style that you are trying to present.

One of the first things to consider is what do you want your coffee table to accomplish? Do you want it to bring the room together? Set a certain tone? Add extra storage space? Whatever the case may be, when it comes to choosing a coffee table there are a variety of combinations that are sure to suit your needs.

capp coffee tableTake this table by Angelo Cappellini, its large dimensions make it ideal for covering a large surface area. The square shape and size makes it perfect for bringing a large room together, making it much more inviting. Despite its size it will not take over the living room and envelop the space because of its glass surface. The glass surface allows the table to accomplish the task of bringing the room together without closing it up too much. The glass distracts us from the table’s size by making the floor visible. This element is also beneficial if the table is placed on a rug that you want to display. Overall, this table adds warmth to the room while also leaving enough open space.

kira coffee tableThe Kira coffee table by Domus Design offers two heights and an asymmetrical design to add dimension to your living room. Instead of a single, long piece of furniture, splitting the table and positioning them at varying heights adds more character to your room. The asymmetrical design adds an extra element in contrast to a symmetrical, long table. The height also adds room to possibly store things underneath. If you want a long coffee table but want it to have more personality, by breaking a streamlined build this table may be perfect for your needs.

estro cofee tableIf you are looking for a less traditional coffee table the Estro by COMPAR might be for you. This chrome coffee table is composed of a leather base which branches out to two glass surfaces. This table also follows an asymmetrical design in both the height of the surfaces and the size, one glass being larger than the other. Along with its polished appearance, using round surfaces creates the curves that are common in modern furniture; instead of having hard edges which evokes more traditional tables. Compared to the previous products this table is smaller, if you would like to incorporate a clean, modern look into your living room this may be perfect for you.


Modern and Contemporary Style Tips

Furnishing your home in a modern or contemporary style exudes a sleek atmosphere. Neutral tones and linear pieces accentuate an orderly state, leading to a simple environment. Despite the simplicity in color, pattern, and forms, modern or contemporary furnishing does not imply that your space can not also possess intricacy.

modern contemporary buffetChoosing the correct furniture to work with or contrast with other pieces can bring out a dramatic effect. By simply working with various tones, one can introduce a range of emotions besides a sleek or clean look. Different shapes can play with one another in order to interrupt a mundane appearance.

Modern and contemporary does not indicate that furnishing has to remain the same tone throughout a room. There are tricks one can use in order to maintain this particular style while simultaneously adding a contrasting element to break up the singular tone.

The Compar Vanity Buffet picture on the right is a perfect example of introducing this particular style while also possessing various tones. The walls and floors of this interior setting are white, a common element found in modern homes. The buffet and chairs are also white but instead of blending into its surroundings the pop of wood integrated into the furniture separates it from the rest of the room. The room still maintains its modern style while also combining two mediums to add a different emotion. The style is not compromised through the wood element but rather adds a certain warmth.

modern contemporary table In the case of contemporary homes, the color white is replaced by solid walls of darker tones. The Mambo Table by Domus Design showcases a contemporary style while also integrating color. The walls and floors are of the same dark tone and the clear table allows it to blend further into the room. By making the table legs and the chairs red, a break from the same dark color is introduced. This room contains elements of contemporary design but the addition of red allows the eyes to direct themselves to something else.

If you would like to have a modern or contemporary atmosphere to your home you are not limited to only sleek, bold characteristics. The addition of varying tones, contrasting colors or mediums can be a wonderful introduction to this style. One will be able to have the clean, polished appearance of these styles while also adding other elements to give it your own twist.

The Intricacies of Wood Inlay

Wood inlay has existed as a form of decoration for centuries, practiced in various countries and cultures at different points in time. This form of decoration continues to this day, maintaining the same level of elegance and artistry that it has evoked for years.

urbino wood inlayOne of the most famous pieces of furniture inlay was made during 15th century Europe for Federico da Montefeltro in his Ducal Palace at Urbino (pictured on the right). The wood inlay was extremely intricate, displaying various objects interacting with one another and forced perspective. The charm of wood inlay derives from the ability to depict objects and shapes as if they are protruding from a furniture’s surface but are in fact flat to the touch. The various combination of wood and how they interact with one another provides a play on perspective; making a piece of furniture stand out even more.

This process in decoration is extremely detailed and requires hours of labor in order to correctly apply the various pieces of wood. Pieces of furniture with wood inlay add an additional decorative element to any home. Instead of opting for just wood finishes, adding a product of a similar medium with the added design of the inlay can make a great addition.

The contrasting tones of wood melding together to create a singular piece of furniture, give the piece more depth as perspective plays a huge role in its design. Even a minimalist design, like the table by Angelo Cappellini pictured above, can provide depth and a certain atmosphere to any room.

Considering a New Office Chair

While purchasing an office desk is something that is taken into great consideration, an office chair is often not included in this important process.

office chairThose with jobs in an office setting spend about 40 hours a week sitting at their desks. On average, this adds up to an astonishing 2000 hours a year. Considering the amount of time that one stays seated at work, choosing the correct chair that suits your needs is important. It can lead to a comfortable environment and increase in productivity. An incorrect chair can lead to inefficiency at the work place and can cause unnecessary body strain. There are steps that must be taken when considering an office chair. Steps that both benefit the employee and the work environment, maintaining style and elegance without compromising either.


  • plenty of back support
  • prevent back strain
  • allows one to relax in various positions
  • follow curve of the back


  • arms and height adjustments
  • shoulder adjustments
  • feet rest comfortably on the floor


  • Wheel base – rolling to prevent strain and easy mobility
  • Swivel – easy mobility and covers more area to reach
  • Material – breathable fabric preventing user from getting hot
  • Cushioning – to make the user more comfortable

Despite all the factors one must take into consideration, this does not indicate that one has to sacrifice style for comfort. There are a variety of office chairs that are functional but also maintain the tone of your office.