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Take a journey through art, history, and design. We have selected Italy’s most upscale masterpieces featuring the sophisticated elegance and ultimate designs. Every piece of furniture reflects the style, quality, and beauty that have made Italian furniture world-renowned. From French Provincial, Baroque, Beidermeier, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Impero to Art deco, Contemporary, and Modern designs, Michelangelo Designs carries them all. We invite you to come and experience why we are referred to as:

“the cure from the common.”

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  • If you entertain regularly, you’re fond of having people over and sharing the delights of your home with them.  You’re no doubt a dab hand in the kitchen, but if you’re here, you’ve probably got beautiful dining room furniture you’d like your guests to notice. People who entertain ofte

  • Contemporary interior design is rapidly evolving out of constricting dogmas of consistency of styling.  Disparate styles are now brought together as a matter of routine, creating something entirely new. This trend is reflected in the Eclectic, Bohemian and Maximalist trends which are dominating

  • If there’s one thing that can be said about contemporary design trends, it’s that color is back and bigger than ever.  White walls are giving way to glorious exclamations of vibrant color in every room of the home.  Even hotel properties are getting in on the color action, with many properties

  • Luxury furniture is made to grace your living space with the extraordinary.  Meticulous craftsmanship, high-end materials and enduring quality deserve to be surrounded by décor that speaks to its excellence. The trick is expressing yourself in the context of furnishings you’ve purchased to cr

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