Mantellassi 1926

  • Founded: 1926
  • Factory: Tuscany
  • Style: Traditional

Mantellassi 1926 Srl is an extremely dynamic company, based in Tuscany, that faced with courage and determination the challenges of the market and of the globalization, by giving always more importance to culture of its social, cultural and artistic context, so to assume a role of ambassador for the Italian design in the world.

Mantellassi’s adventure starts in 1926 and it consists of intertwined destinies, with romantic traits and family stories that become almost a fairy tale that slips in memory of ancestors and want to represent a positive message in this time of European economic crises, direct in particular to young people to encourage them to go on with confidence and optimism on their way, just as Macario Mantellassi did in 1926, giving life to an industry able to synthesize tradition and avant-garde, craftsmanship and glamour.