Serafino Marelli

  • Founded: 1965
  • Factory: Como Italy
  • Style: Traditional, Biedermeier, Antique

Since the early years of the twentieth century, Marelli has specialized in different types of furniture. Over the years the company has built up an execptional expertise in furniture and wood and the problems associated with its crafting. This crafts tradition made the family set up the Serafino Marelli artistic cabinetwork firm in 1965, with the purpose of reproducing the most beautiful pieces in the history of furniture. Finding the most prestigious items in books and every kind of publication, with antique dealers, in markets and in old country houses, pieces, but which on the country retains all its unique charm. And then reproducing them, thanks to the dexterity of the cabinetmakers of Brianza, among the very few in the world capable of carrying out certain types of crafting, carving certain pieces and to create inlays with different wood types and polishing a door following a special method.

To Serafino Marelli the reproduction, in the new millennium, of a Provencal cabinet from the early Nineteenth century or a Biedermeier writing desk in myrtle wood from the late years of the same century is equivalent to defending the historical memory of that world, appreciating a culture capable of creating objects veunting a unique but timeless beauty.

Serafino Marelli therefore not only produces a collection of objects; it continues a priceless tradition.


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