• Founded: 1980
  • Factory: Verona, Italy
  • Style: Traditional and Classic

The company Scappini was founded thanks to the initiative and talent of Giovanni Scappini who passed along his skills to his children Chiara and Lorenzo. Well established in the Italian market since the beginning, the company then started to export its products to about 80 countries. Distinctive features include a quality focused approach, attention to detail, and a sophisticated style paired with fast and efficient service, tailored to the customer’s need, and supported by a wide knowledge of foreign languages. With the skillful craftmanship and the valuable contribution of capable co-workers, some of whom have been alongside Giovanni since 1980, the company is constantly growing. Verona’s long tradition in the production of classic furniture is one of the keys to success, Scappini dedicates commitment in selecting experienced artisans to produce high quality furniture, 100% made in Italy.