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A 7946

Founded: 1919
Factory: Desio, Italy
Styles: Transitional/Contemporary (Art Deco, Contemporary, Classic)

The “Carpanelli workshop” began furniture production in 1919 following the best Italian manufacturing tradition and interpreting the master craftsmanship of the finest of cabinet-makers with a contemporary vision.
Originally furnishing the most prestigious apartments of the Milanese nobility and their summer residences in Brianza, today Carpanelli continues its path making furniture with a contemporary design, a combination of tradition and innovation stemming from the skillful use of natural materials such as wood, metal, glass and leather, lead players in a truly original furnishing design, sensitive to the way in which we imagine and conceive our home, in the search for spaces with an elegant and welcoming visual impact.

Carpanelli’s works include the most revolutionary modern designs mixed with a touch of classic by integrating sophisticated woodworking marquetry.

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