Bianchini Italian Art Design

Living Cafè des Arts (19)
From: Verona, Italy
Established: 1967
Style: Traditional and Contemporary

Founded in 1967, the company is now in the hands of the second generation that, with care and passion, is investing in renewal without ever losing sight of that craftsman identity and that love for a trade that since the middle of the past century have built Bianchini into the solid business it is today. With dozens of different wood finishes available and an even larger variety of fabrics and leathers, Bianchini is sure to fit in any home style.

Production is the real strength of Bianchini. Every step is performed in-house, from the beginning to the end of the process. We do things the way they used to be done, when the knowledge and skill of people, from the master cabinet-makers to the experts and designers, were in the foreground, when what counted was workmanship, and every detail and process was studied and carried out with almost maniacal precision, when every single piece produced was precious, a labor of passion and skill. With time, production capacity has grown, but the increase in the number has not lessened our awareness that the human element is the foundation of a healthy company, capable of standing out from the others on the market.

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