How a console table sets the tone

Console tables play a small but important role in setting the tone for your home. They are a nice addition to any entry way or living room space. Consoles set the style for the furnishings that follow. Whether traditional or contemporary, Italian furniture brands are sure to deliver!

Below are our personal picks for high end furniture that are sure to be a great first impression!

The Alpha console table is a perfect example of a contemporary furniture piece. Multiple legs supporting the console table give it a unique look. The legs add character while the simple top creates a good balance from being too busy.

This console from Rozzoni creates an elegant space. This is truly for luxury interiors with the combination of purple and gold. The angular shape of the drawers are not only eye catching but also has a functional purpose!

Another console table from Rozzoni was featured during a recent ASID NJ event. The floral pattern makes it an interesting piece that will stand out in an entry way or living room. Like the previous console, it is functional while also adding personality to your home!

This is just a fraction of the luxurious made in Italy furniture that can brighten up your home. This small collection of consoles are produced by the top Italian brands. Elevate your space through these small but significant changes! Whether you are searching for fun, decorative, or functional we can be sure to provide you with amazing Italian furniture.

Unique Coffee Tables

While traditional style living room furniture has its own charm having a unique, conversation piece is a wonderful way to brighten up your room. And what better way than to bring focus on a coffee table! You can add an interesting piece without completely changing the style of your living room. The key is opting for one that is just unique enough to stand out but still compliments the rest of your furniture.

Below we have some top picks for unique, made in Italy coffee tables. These Italian companies are always up to date with the most popular and new furniture designs.

Book_Pagina_47_Immagine_0003 zac

The Zac coffee table has such a sleek, one of a kind design. You can still store magazines like a conventional table. The table contains a space on its side where you can store items while keeping the top free of clutter.

spin 3 spin 2


The Spin coffee table’s biggest feature is the ability to spin one of the tops! The clear shelf can be spun in any direction. While you can store items in this layer you can also spin in towards you to reach for them. This table is not only functional but functional in a unique way.


The Boat coffee table and end table clearly draw inspiration from boats! But instead of making the connection obvious they are shown in a subtle way. The shape of the tables captures the boat and adds an interesting shape to the living room.

These are just a taste of what the best of Italy has to offer in term of coffee tables. Elevate you living room by adding these one of a kind Italian furniture pieces that are sure to impress your guests. Coffee tables are a small change that can make a big difference in the atmosphere of your home. Whether you want a sleek, modern, or fun Italian furniture piece there is something for every space!


Sofa Beds

If you frequently have family or friends visiting your home a sofa bed is definitely needed. There is nothing worse than making last minute arrangements or sleeping on a regular sofa. For this reason looking into sofa beds is your best bet! Having just the right one can make all the difference when you have guests over.

Some things to consider before purchasing:

  1. Keep in mind that sofa beds are generally more expensive than a typical sofa.
  2. Sofa beds are usually firmer than regular sofas because of the added support
  3. Size. What size would be better for your home.
  4. Mattress: Memory, Innerspring, Air-coil

Some of our top picks for made in Italy, leather and fabric options for sofa beds include:

sofa beds
Sweet Sofa Bed
sofa beds
Francine Sofa Bed
sofa beds
cecilia sofa bed

If you prefer contemporary Italian furniture these options are perfect for your needs. You provide an option for your guests and also have high end furniture. This fine furniture comes in an array of leather and fabric options. So you can still have living room furniture that matches the rest of your home while also having an extra bed for guests.


ICFF 2017 Overview

In case you missed us during ICFF2017 here is an overview of some of our hottest items all made in Italy!

Making its debut is the elegant Oreste dining table from Opera Contemporary



The Barrel Table and Chair brings a certain rustic charm to any interior space. Enjoy a nice glass of wine and entertain guests with these wonderfully unique items.



One of our many new products, Oslo Chairs, come in two stunning colors and finishes. To improve comfort, the back cushion has perforated leather allowing a smoother airflow.


This elegant desk is made of a steel frame. It also contains a leather, flip open top that serves as an extra compartment. The Flat Desk is perfect for personal use at your home office or work space.


These luxury Italian furniture items and many more were featured during ICFF 2017. Don’t think you missed out on an opportunity to experience these items for yourself. Visit our Italian Design Center for the best of fine furniture, whether it be traditional furniture or contemporary furniture, Michelangelo Designs carries it all under one roof.

Smart Space Bedrooms

If you want to create a fun, colorful space for your child but lack the room one way to resolve this issue is to get smart space furniture. This type of furniture allows you to have more room without giving up some essential items! Smart space furniture has several uses. Instead of having a separate item for one use there are many uses one item can perform.

Here are some of our top picks for fun smart space furniture!

This bed and desk combination provides your child with a colorful space without sacrificing storage. Everything is placed just so that they will have access to their bed and desk comfortably. The added storage along the walls and below the bed also helps if there is not much storage space in the rest of the bedroom.


smart space furniture bed


Bunk Beds and a desk might seem like a lot to fit into a single piece but this manages to do just that! When not in use the bottom bunk bed can slide underneath the unit. The desk can then be pulled out which also brings additional storage space for any books. You can comfortably have these items that have different uses without each one interfering with one another.

smart space bed desk


If you’d prefer to have the advantages of space saving furniture but would still like each item to have its respective space, look no further! This configuration offers plenty of storage. While still fitting a bed, desk, and shelving in a small space to work with. Your child can have enough room for a bed and desk, without the two interfering.

smart space bed


These are just some examples of furniture that have multiple uses. The way they are arranged is not just efficient but also playful! They are vibrant and use interesting shapes to make the most out of the space you are working with. While it is important to comfortably fit your furniture,  doing so with bright, playful furniture adds personality!

Unique Home Bars

Including a bar into your home can be a great way to entertain guests. It can be a fun alternative besides spending time in the living room. Having a bar within your home lets you prepare drinks while still socializing with family and friends. Despite how it sounds, it is possible to have a home bar, a large space is not required. As long as you have a space within your home that can comfortably store drinks adding a bar is definitely an option.

Below you’ll find some of our unique picks for home bars. Not only can they store plenty of your favorite drinks but also display it in interesting ways. These bars not only serve as a place to store drinks but also changes the whole experience.

wine Bar
Cello Bar

This Cello Case by Carpanelli is a great example of of a unique bar that can be added to any home. If you’re a music lover or admire amazing wood work this bar make a perfect addition. The upper half of the cello open up to reveal a mirror and shelving for your drinks and glasses. Once open, the upper portion serves as additional shelving to lay out the beverages.


wine bar
Fuel Pump Wine Bar

This Fuel Pump Wine Bar has the ability to store up to 5 bottles of wine. There are three compartments that can easily be opened by lightly pushing in the door. The highlight of this bar is the way in which wine is poured. One simply grabs the nozzle and presses the button to pour wine! Making it a fun way to refuel and serve wine to your guests. Its interactive, one-of-a-kind, and makes a great conversation starter!


wine bar
Telephone Booth Bar

Similarly to the Wine Bar is the Telephone Booth Bar. Instead of 5 bottles, this bar stores up to 8 bottles of wine. This bar includes an area where you can steam your wine glass before serving yourself. In this bar, the wine is poured from a rotary dial phone. Simply hang the receiver and press one of the buttons of the rotary and you’re ready to enjoy a glass of wine! Making it another fun, interactive way to serve wine and entertain guests!



Thank you for visiting us during the AD Show!

Thank you to those that stopped by our booth during the Architectural Digest Show.

To those that were unable to attend, here is a run down of the products featured at our booth!

Dmitri Bookcase


Containing shelving on either side and storage space in the center. You can also pull out some additional shelving to momentarily place objects on top. Incorporate it into your dining room, office, or living room.

Fuel Pump Wine Bar

wine bar ad show

Store and serve up to five bottles of wine in this bar that was a hit during the AD Show! The bar contains 3 compartments to store glasses. Simply get a glass, pick up the nozzle, then press a button to serve yourself a nice glass of vino!

Optik Buffet

optik buffet ad show

A three door buffet with a sand lacquered finish. The doors come in burned oak or walnut with maple inlays.


portofino table ad show

Our popular portofino table is great for office use. The interesting shape of the legs and dark wood finish is great for any office.


Karina Chair ad show

Possessing an interesting design this chair has fireproof fabric. Each chair has three shades of color ranging from pink, blue, grey, and smoky grey.


desy chair ad show

Another chair with a unique design. Available in a range of colors from white, black, red, and acid to name a few.

Butterfly Armchair

armchair ad show

The name says it all! The back of this armchair fans out to give it an elegant shape

Barrel Table and Chairs

table and chairs ad show

Entertain guests and serve drinks on this small table set. All in the shape of barrels giving it a rustic appearance.

Experience these and many other items in our trade only showroom at the Italian Design Center, Michelangelo Designs!

Architectural Digest Show

Michelangelo Designs is proud to announce that we will be attending the Architectural Digest Show of 2017.

From March 16th – 19th, Michelangelo Designs will be showcasing items from our contemporary line in booth #221.

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Office Chairs

No office would be complete without an office chair. If you are going to spend long hours working at your desk find a chair suitable for you! Now, if this office is more for personal use at your home maybe you are looking for something casual. Unless you plan on furnishing a study opting for a non-traditional office chair will make your office feel more cozy.

While office chairs do offer ergonomics and a variety of settings, do they fit in your home office? Having an office at home does not mean you have to furnish it exactly like an office. Since this is your personal space adding your personality and tastes into your office chair is a possibility. If the surrounding furniture is more laid back and does not automatically scream office, having a chair that matches that environment is better.

Here’s our pick for casual, cozy office chairs!

Dama Chair:

dama2Offers the quality and comfort of a typical office chair with a more laid back appearance. This chair comes in a variety of colors to give your personal office a vibrant feel. While also being suitable for a office type space with the option of having wheels for better mobility at your desk.

Vanity Chair:

damaAnother option for a casual office chair. The shape makes it comfortable enough to sit at your work space for long periods of time. There are plenty of options when it comes to the legs if you prefer wheels or another style. Its still perfect for your work station while also adding an element of casualness.

Marilyn Chair:

A colorful option is the Marilyn chair by Midj. This soft chair is perfect for a variety of uses. If you have a really easy going work space this chair is for you. It is available with enough color to make your space homey but it is still designed to be a comfortable chair so you can work uninterrupted.

With these selections you can see that you can venture outside the typical office chair. These chairs still have some elements that can make them comfortable for use in an office but without the rigidness that is seen in an office chair.



Tips for Small Living Rooms

Furnishing a small living room can be quite the challenge. Family and friends spend most of their time here, so you want to make sure it can comfortably seat everyone. A living room does not have to be large in order to provide that warm, inviting feeling. A small space can also create that atmosphere. The trick is to know how and what type of furniture to place.


A well known way to may any room appear spacious is to add mirrors. The reflection gives the illusion that a room is larger than what it might be. It also helps if it placed in opposite a window to make the space appear more open. The mirror helps reflect the outside and also brings in more light to keep it from feeling closed in.  Opposed to a blank wall that may make the room seem closed in. A mirror can be an easy and decorative solution!

Type of Furniture

Instead of adding large, long sofas opt instead of more compact sizes. A small sofa and armchair reduce the crowded feeling. You can maintain a cozy, charming space even without having bulky pieces of furniture. A small two seater sofa with chairs and ottomans provide enough seating for guests while without seating too crowded. The compact size will actually not only provide more space but also give it a more delicate, sleek appearance.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you have a small living room you want to be able to comfortably seat everyone. Instead of having various pieces of furniture for a single use, try to use furniture that has multiple functions. This means only including pieces that are functional to maximize the use of your space.  Poufs can be used as both a coffee table and extra seating. Trunks and vintage suitcases can be used as both storage and items can be placed on top.


What You Need To Know: Buffets

What exactly are buffets and their use in a dining room?

Buffets actually have several different uses that have changed throughout history and location. Thebianchini-park-avenue-buffety have been used to lay out alcoholic beverages, spread an array of food, or to store dining supplies. Regardless of what you may use them for, including a buffet in your dining room is essential in tying the space together. It not only serves as a place for extra storage but can also be used to bring a certain element to your space. If you would like to display fine dining supplies or simply some decor that is a possibility. Of course, not only is the storage space and what you can display important but the actual furniture and how it works in your home is just as important.
For example, this Bianchini Buffet from the Park Avenue Collection would be a great addition to a sleek dining room. The dark wood finish and the pedestal in which it is supported gives this item a more modern look. Consider this style of buffet if you would prefer something more modern but still has its traditional elements.

10164212_5This buffet by Seven Sedie has a similar color to the previous one but follows more of the traditional elements. Instead of a pedestal this buffet is supported by legs. The storage is actually more visible in this one, the cabinets are highlighted by the woodwork. It also shows how buffets can also be used as a decorative element. Not only through their finish and shape but by the objects that you can place on top. You can see how the buffet works together with the decor on top to create a new atmosphere within the space.

991-bIf you would like to go a more traditional/classical route this Silik buffet is a great example. Even if you were to remove the decor the buffet alone has a presence in the dining room. The curvature and the ornamentation make this a great addition. While the function still remains, its all about the design that fits your style.

Working with White

Painting your walls white may seem like a boring option but with the right shade and furniture, your room is sure to make a statement. Painting your space a bright white can make everything appear light and airy. It gives your room a blank canvas to work with, where almost anything is possible. If you want to opt for a white room committing to it is the most important part. If you want your entire space to be white make sure to apply the paint on every surface. Unless you are specifically going for white accents, leaving your ceiling or trim unpainted can make your room look unfinished. It may sound like personality may be lacking if you choose to go in this direction but white offers a range of possibilities. It makes your space open to go in any direction and makes way for creativity.

Wood: Pairing a white room with wood is a great option. Against a white background, wood really stands out. The richness and grain makes an interesting contrast against the simplicity of white. Both mediums work with each other, resulting in wood that pops against such a bright surface. Wood warms up a white space that may look too bare and the white makes the wood look crisp.

Furniture: You can chose to also have your furniture be white to really give your room a calm, serene atmosphere. Adding touches of color to break up the single note is also a possibility. Having a white room can help in looking more organized. If you wish to create a focal point, a colorful item can easily be placed to add some personality. For this reason, white rooms can be a great choice for either minimalists or maximalists. White walls create an organized, tidy atmosphere that is perfect is you choose to go with more modern furniture. White walls also make it easy for maximalists to incorporate several objects into their room. The white ties everything together regardless if you choose to incorporate several items of varying colors. White is especially perfect if you are a collector. If you have several decorations or artwork that you would like to display, against a white wall would be the best way. If not only makes the objects pop and bring vibrancy, it will look clean and organized.

There are many possibilities with having white rooms. There are different styles that you can choose from. Whether you want traditional or modern furniture, a white room will be able to tie everything together. Regardless of what design or mood you are going for, white is a classic, timeless color that will never go out of style. It stands the test of time as opposed to other colors that always go in and out of style. White is ageless and versatile.