Unique Home Bars

Including a bar into your home can be a great way to entertain guests. It can be a fun alternative besides spending time in the living room. Having a bar within your home lets you prepare drinks while still socializing with family and friends. Despite how it sounds, it is possible to have a home bar, a large space is not required. As long as you have a space within your home that can comfortably store drinks adding a bar is definitely an option.

Below you’ll find some of our unique picks for home bars. Not only can they store plenty of your favorite drinks but also display it in interesting ways. These bars not only serve as a place to store drinks but also changes the whole experience.

wine Bar
Cello Bar

This Cello Case by Carpanelli is a great example of of a unique bar that can be added to any home. If you’re a music lover or admire amazing wood work this bar make a perfect addition. The upper half of the cello open up to reveal a mirror and shelving for your drinks and glasses. Once open, the upper portion serves as additional shelving to lay out the beverages.


wine bar
Fuel Pump Wine Bar

This Fuel Pump Wine Bar has the ability to store up to 5 bottles of wine. There are three compartments that can easily be opened by lightly pushing in the door. The highlight of this bar is the way in which wine is poured. One simply grabs the nozzle and presses the button to pour wine! Making it a fun way to refuel and serve wine to your guests. Its interactive, one-of-a-kind, and makes a great conversation starter!


wine bar
Telephone Booth Bar

Similarly to the Wine Bar is the Telephone Booth Bar. Instead of 5 bottles, this bar stores up to 8 bottles of wine. This bar includes an area where you can steam your wine glass before serving yourself. In this bar, the wine is poured from a rotary dial phone. Simply hang the receiver and press one of the buttons of the rotary and you’re ready to enjoy a glass of wine! Making it another fun, interactive way to serve wine and entertain guests!



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Dmitri Bookcase


Containing shelving on either side and storage space in the center. You can also pull out some additional shelving to momentarily place objects on top. Incorporate it into your dining room, office, or living room.

Fuel Pump Wine Bar

wine bar ad show

Store and serve up to five bottles of wine in this bar that was a hit during the AD Show! The bar contains 3 compartments to store glasses. Simply get a glass, pick up the nozzle, then press a button to serve yourself a nice glass of vino!

Optik Buffet

optik buffet ad show

A three door buffet with a sand lacquered finish. The doors come in burned oak or walnut with maple inlays.


portofino table ad show

Our popular portofino table is great for office use. The interesting shape of the legs and dark wood finish is great for any office.


Karina Chair ad show

Possessing an interesting design this chair has fireproof fabric. Each chair has three shades of color ranging from pink, blue, grey, and smoky grey.


desy chair ad show

Another chair with a unique design. Available in a range of colors from white, black, red, and acid to name a few.

Butterfly Armchair

armchair ad show

The name says it all! The back of this armchair fans out to give it an elegant shape

Barrel Table and Chairs

table and chairs ad show

Entertain guests and serve drinks on this small table set. All in the shape of barrels giving it a rustic appearance.

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Office Chairs

No office would be complete without an office chair. If you are going to spend long hours working at your desk find a chair suitable for you! Now, if this office is more for personal use at your home maybe you are looking for something casual. Unless you plan on furnishing a study opting for a non-traditional office chair will make your office feel more cozy.

While office chairs do offer ergonomics and a variety of settings, do they fit in your home office? Having an office at home does not mean you have to furnish it exactly like an office. Since this is your personal space adding your personality and tastes into your office chair is a possibility. If the surrounding furniture is more laid back and does not automatically scream office, having a chair that matches that environment is better.

Here’s our pick for casual, cozy office chairs!

Dama Chair:

dama2Offers the quality and comfort of a typical office chair with a more laid back appearance. This chair comes in a variety of colors to give your personal office a vibrant feel. While also being suitable for a office type space with the option of having wheels for better mobility at your desk.

Vanity Chair:

damaAnother option for a casual office chair. The shape makes it comfortable enough to sit at your work space for long periods of time. There are plenty of options when it comes to the legs if you prefer wheels or another style. Its still perfect for your work station while also adding an element of casualness.

Marilyn Chair:

A colorful option is the Marilyn chair by Midj. This soft chair is perfect for a variety of uses. If you have a really easy going work space this chair is for you. It is available with enough color to make your space homey but it is still designed to be a comfortable chair so you can work uninterrupted.

With these selections you can see that you can venture outside the typical office chair. These chairs still have some elements that can make them comfortable for use in an office but without the rigidness that is seen in an office chair.



Tips for Small Living Rooms

Furnishing a small living room can be quite the challenge. Family and friends spend most of their time here, so you want to make sure it can comfortably seat everyone. A living room does not have to be large in order to provide that warm, inviting feeling. A small space can also create that atmosphere. The trick is to know how and what type of furniture to place.


A well known way to may any room appear spacious is to add mirrors. The reflection gives the illusion that a room is larger than what it might be. It also helps if it placed in opposite a window to make the space appear more open. The mirror helps reflect the outside and also brings in more light to keep it from feeling closed in.  Opposed to a blank wall that may make the room seem closed in. A mirror can be an easy and decorative solution!

Type of Furniture

Instead of adding large, long sofas opt instead of more compact sizes. A small sofa and armchair reduce the crowded feeling. You can maintain a cozy, charming space even without having bulky pieces of furniture. A small two seater sofa with chairs and ottomans provide enough seating for guests while without seating too crowded. The compact size will actually not only provide more space but also give it a more delicate, sleek appearance.

Multifunctional Furniture

If you have a small living room you want to be able to comfortably seat everyone. Instead of having various pieces of furniture for a single use, try to use furniture that has multiple functions. This means only including pieces that are functional to maximize the use of your space.  Poufs can be used as both a coffee table and extra seating. Trunks and vintage suitcases can be used as both storage and items can be placed on top.


What You Need To Know: Buffets

What exactly are buffets and their use in a dining room?

Buffets actually have several different uses that have changed throughout history and location. Thebianchini-park-avenue-buffety have been used to lay out alcoholic beverages, spread an array of food, or to store dining supplies. Regardless of what you may use them for, including a buffet in your dining room is essential in tying the space together. It not only serves as a place for extra storage but can also be used to bring a certain element to your space. If you would like to display fine dining supplies or simply some decor that is a possibility. Of course, not only is the storage space and what you can display important but the actual furniture and how it works in your home is just as important.
For example, this Bianchini Buffet from the Park Avenue Collection would be a great addition to a sleek dining room. The dark wood finish and the pedestal in which it is supported gives this item a more modern look. Consider this style of buffet if you would prefer something more modern but still has its traditional elements.

10164212_5This buffet by Seven Sedie has a similar color to the previous one but follows more of the traditional elements. Instead of a pedestal this buffet is supported by legs. The storage is actually more visible in this one, the cabinets are highlighted by the woodwork. It also shows how buffets can also be used as a decorative element. Not only through their finish and shape but by the objects that you can place on top. You can see how the buffet works together with the decor on top to create a new atmosphere within the space.

991-bIf you would like to go a more traditional/classical route this Silik buffet is a great example. Even if you were to remove the decor the buffet alone has a presence in the dining room. The curvature and the ornamentation make this a great addition. While the function still remains, its all about the design that fits your style.

Working with White

Painting your walls white may seem like a boring option but with the right shade and furniture, your room is sure to make a statement. Painting your space a bright white can make everything appear light and airy. It gives your room a blank canvas to work with, where almost anything is possible. If you want to opt for a white room committing to it is the most important part. If you want your entire space to be white make sure to apply the paint on every surface. Unless you are specifically going for white accents, leaving your ceiling or trim unpainted can make your room look unfinished. It may sound like personality may be lacking if you choose to go in this direction but white offers a range of possibilities. It makes your space open to go in any direction and makes way for creativity.

Wood: Pairing a white room with wood is a great option. Against a white background, wood really stands out. The richness and grain makes an interesting contrast against the simplicity of white. Both mediums work with each other, resulting in wood that pops against such a bright surface. Wood warms up a white space that may look too bare and the white makes the wood look crisp.

Furniture: You can chose to also have your furniture be white to really give your room a calm, serene atmosphere. Adding touches of color to break up the single note is also a possibility. Having a white room can help in looking more organized. If you wish to create a focal point, a colorful item can easily be placed to add some personality. For this reason, white rooms can be a great choice for either minimalists or maximalists. White walls create an organized, tidy atmosphere that is perfect is you choose to go with more modern furniture. White walls also make it easy for maximalists to incorporate several objects into their room. The white ties everything together regardless if you choose to incorporate several items of varying colors. White is especially perfect if you are a collector. If you have several decorations or artwork that you would like to display, against a white wall would be the best way. If not only makes the objects pop and bring vibrancy, it will look clean and organized.

There are many possibilities with having white rooms. There are different styles that you can choose from. Whether you want traditional or modern furniture, a white room will be able to tie everything together. Regardless of what design or mood you are going for, white is a classic, timeless color that will never go out of style. It stands the test of time as opposed to other colors that always go in and out of style. White is ageless and versatile.


Media Wall Unit

Media wall units are a great addition to any living room or entertainment space. It gives the room definition and creates an interesting focal point. Instead of having the usual television stand and the clutter that typically surrounds around it, wall units are a great alternative. The amount of shelving and cabinets are perfect for not only your television and its accessories but for other decor. You can display mementos, wall unit1photographs, books. The cabinets also give you the option of hiding any unsightly wires and cables. This is a great option that fits many types of spaces, whether you prefer a traditional or modern set up.

For example in this wall unit there are plenty of shelves to properly organize everything while still being able to display your televion. It also features two cabinets on either end for more optimal storage space. The wood placed against the white background creates a nice contrast. This wall unit has a warm, inviting feeling to it because of the wood that is being used.

wall unit2This next wall unit is more modern in design but still has some of the same elements as the previous one. It still contains shelving and cabinets to properly store everything. The darker wood against the shiny finish on the cabinets gives a polished look. The slight curve on the bottom also highlights this sleek appearance. So if you would like something that is a it more modern but not overtly so, this wall unit is perfect.

wall unit3Finally, if the previous example are not for you take a look at this wall unit. This piece will have a modern, sleek look on your wall. The storage is completely closed and not visible, so if you would prefer to hide your objects this option is for you. The color and placement is very clean and minimal. You still have space to place your television and display a couple of objects here and there. If your goal is to have a more refined, clean space then this unit is for you.

Traditional Furniture in the Modern World

Traditional furniture can still be applied in today’s modern world. The classic looks and designs have stood the test of time which explains why they can still be found today. The simple yet elegant color schemes, sturdy build, and designs make this type of furniture easily incorporated into today’s living spaces. While it may seem that incorporating traditional furniture into your home is difficult, knowing what type of home you have and then matching the best type of traditional furniture is key.

If you are living in a more streamlined modern home you may think that traditional furniture does not suite it. The key in this case is to focus on contrast. The curving and extremely detailed designs of traditional furniture can work well in comparison to a sleek, linear home. Linear spaces may sometimes be considered a bit too cold for some people. Incorporating expressive furniture livens up the space and gives it an inviting feeling.
For example consider including a chesterfield into your home. The curves along the arms and tufted surface make this a traditional piece that will suite any type of home. Choosing the right one will bridge the gap between traditional and modern. Chesterfields create the right presence within any home. There are also many varieties to choose from that you will be able to find one that is perfect for your modern home. Despite the various types, chesterfields still have traditional details that will make a contrast in your space.

Blending the old with the new can create a very interesting design in your space. This works well for people that like modern spaces but do not want to be overwhelmed with strictly modern pieces. Incorporating traditional furniture can break up the one note feelings in your home and add interesting elements through curving, detailed pieces.


How to Maintain Wood Floors

Having hard wood floors can be a beautiful addition to any home. The various tones and finishes are sure to fit the vision that you have for your home. Caring for wood floors may seem like a difficult thing considering everything that they endure. Moving furniture, spills, and even our own footsteps may be some of the countless things that may happen to your floors. For these reasons, caring for wood floors may seem like a difficult and costly process but with regular maintenance your floors’ qualities will not be ruined.

Untreated Wood Floors: In order to clean this type of hardwood floor make sure to have a soft-bristle vacuum. It will properly remove any dirt or dust without scratching the surface. One the surface is clean you can polish it to retain its appearance. The trick with polishing hard wood floors is to not over saturate it with liquid. Use a microfiber cloth and just enough of the polisher to dampen it. If you are trying to remove tough stains it is best to contact a professional rather than use harsh products that may end up doing damage. Regularly using the process will ensure that your floor is in its best condition.

Finished Wood Floors: These types of floors are easier to clean because they have already been treated. The floors have been surface-sealed which makes them resistant to stains or water damage. Since it does have a finish this will effect how you treat any difficult stains. You may have to use different materials to ensure the removal of the stain. For really tough stains you may have to use sandpaper to remove everything. After this process is done you will have to re-apply the finish and a polish.

Things to Avoid: In order to avoid any scratches or scuffs on the floors avoid wearing shoes that can possibly damage it. If you have pets make sure to clip their nails to avoid scratches. All purpose cleaner should also be avoided because they are not made to specifically treat this medium. When cleaning be careful of how much liquid you use because it could take a long time to dry and distort the wood. Protect your floors from sunlight that can cause discoloration if it is exposed for too long. In order to ensure that the wood ages evenly, periodically re-position rugs and furniture.

How to Maintain Leather Products

Leather has come a long way since its earlier uses in history. In this day and age, leather is extremely versatile. It can be dyed several colors, stamped, and even treated to prevent stains. Just as the durability and style of leather has progressed so has its uses. Leather is mainly used for clothing and upholstery but has recently been appearing in areas where leather has never been thought of before. While these recent ideas are innovative it is important to know how to maintain this medium. Although leather can be durable it also requires a lot of care to maintain its quality. In order to keep this material looking its best here are some tips on how to do so!

One of the more traditional uses of leather is in upholstery. Used on furniture such as couches and chairs, this material is perfect for its durability. While it is a strong material, leather also has to be maintained in order to prevent its quality from going down.

  • Stains: can be a huge issue for leather. If it is not cleaned up quickly it may be difficult to remove later on. Do not use strong chemicals to clean your leather. Use more mild products and apply it gently. Allow it to dry properly.
  • Light: In order to prevent fading keep leather items away from direct sunlight. Also make sure to keep it away from heat sources to prevent the material from drying.
  • Protection: Dust leather regularly with a damp cloth to keep it looking its best. Research which professional leather products to use and pick the best one for good results. This material can be protected against stains during the tanning process or you can apply it yourself. Leather can also be polished to fix any scuffing that might’ve occurred.

It is important to keep these tips in mind when purchasing leather furniture. Especially now that leather is being used for much more than the traditional furniture pieces. One creative way in which this material has been used is on walls. Although this may be expensive, it brings your wall to life in a unique way. If you do not mind the high maintenance, leather tiles are also a possibility. They are stunning and definitely give your home a completely different appearance. As you might imagine leather tiles are going to require a lot of care, with special cleaning products being necessary. Regardless of where you decide to include this material, a great amount of care is required in order to maintain its quality. Including leather pieces into your home is a great addition as it brings warmth through a durable medium.

Working with a Neutral Palette

For those who like to stick to a neutral color palette instead of using bold colors, know that neutral colors can have just as much life. Afraid of being stuck in a sea of beige or oatmeal? There are techniques you can use so that you can still use your palette but have a lively environment. You do not necessarily need bright, loud colors in order to make your home lively. You can achieve the same feeling with neutral tones. In order to do so you can use neutral colors the key is to use a variety of it. Experiment with shades, tones, textures, and shapes. By doing this you can make your home expressive without giving up your love for a neutral palette.


The first trick is to incorporate various shades into your space. Let’s say you want your living room to consist mostly of beige. While it might sound drab it depends on the shades that you incorporate. There are darker or lighter tones of beige that can be a great contrast. There are warmer and cooler tones that control the mood that you may try to evoke. Although you may want to stick to beige, there are many options available. Incorporating a variety of tones adds depth to the room, it prevents it from looking too bland. This way there are nice contrasting colors and you can play with atmosphere. Despite the different tones your room will still look cohesive because you are using variations of the same color. You do not have to worry about not matching like you would with having multiple different colors.


Although colors are available in various shades that does not mean that you would like to incorporate them all in your living room. While it is good to have variation, having every shade of beige in your living room may not be such a good idea. There are other ways to add depth to your room besides just sticking to color. Texture allows you to use similar colors but can be distinct because of the varying surface. If you plan on getting items of a similar color, try getting them in various textures. This way you will not have to rely solely on color and will add personality to your room.


Adding interesting shapes is also a great way to add variety in your room. Similarly to texture, you can have objects of the same color but the shape will make them stand apart. Removing color from the way you furnish your room makes room to experiment with other factors. Adding unique shapes, regardless of the matching color of the rest of the furnishings, will add more dimension to your space. If everything is the same shape, whether it be linear or curved, it will start to look boring. Mix the shapes and contours of your furniture to separate it from the rest. This is especially important if you stick to the same color palette. While buying a living room set in which everything matches is tempting, if you are sticking to a limited color palette it will look boring. Try to add variety by including items with unique forms.

Sticking to a neutral color palette does not automatically mean that your space will look bland. There are ways to make your space look lively without sacrificing your color choice. There are many other elements that you can play with in order to make your room stand out. Having a limited color palette lets you play with texture and shape