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Take a journey through art, history, and design. We have selected Italy’s most upscale masterpieces featuring the sophisticated elegance and ultimate designs. Every piece of furniture reflects the style, quality, and beauty that have made Italian furniture world-renowned. From French Provincial, Baroque, Beidermeier, Louis XV, Louis XVI and Impero to Art deco, Contemporary, and Modern designs, Michelangelo Designs carries them all. We invite you to come and experience why we are referred to as:

“the cure from the common.”

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  • 2017 was turbulent and complex year, in many ways.  But the world continues turning and we find ourselves in a new year. Every year has its trends and 2017 was no exception.  Here, we’ll focus on some of the best of 2017 living room trends, pointing the way to a new year of hope, vitality and

  • There comes a time in the life of every living room that change is inevitable.  Your relationship to the space grows stale.  You look around the room and wonder what happened. You used to love this room. But time passes.  Tastes change.  Furniture can get a little tired (or a lot). Let

  • You’re at home, relaxing.  It’s time for some Netflix and chill, so you and your significant other eye the one sofa in the room.  You’re both gauging your chances of occupying it for the duration of your movie night. Someone is not going to be very happy! This is how a sectional sofa c

  • A master bedroom is your sanctuary from the world.  It’s a small paradise of serenity you need only leave to replenish yourself with a cold drink or a snack. It’s a given that bedrooms should be cozy, especially master bedrooms.  Master bedrooms, though, can be a bit of a trick to pull off,

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